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Technology training hours expand to include open questions

Access Services worked with technology trainer Ravi Brahmbhatt to create the new Tech Consulting open hours, a solution to the confusion and constant questions about the technology that helps with school and work.

Tech training has been available on campus since March 2014 to increase proficiency with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word. Brahmbhatt relates his tech sessions to a wide audience, answering questions and giving tips about software used in a variety of departments on campus.

“We have introduced tech consulting. Here, we are about to solve just your problems,” Brahmbhatt said concerning those with individual questions.

At the tech consulting, stress and time are eliminated with Brahmbhatt’s help. He answers personalized questions faster, and students and staff are able to walk in as well as make appointments depending on their own needs and schedules.

“You know the goal — a lot of the times it is just the process that is hard to learn,” Brahmbhatt said. “Here, we know the software, and reduce the research time from 5 hours to questions answered in about 5 minutes.”

Tech consulting makes it possible for students and staff to ask their personal questions without having to attend a two-hour training session. Brahmbhatt simply converts frequently asked questions into a step-by-step guideline document posted to on the Technology Training Page so that everyone has access.

Located in the M. D. Anderson Memorial Library learning commons, the University has provided the Technology Training with 32 computers dedicated to the training sessions, and offering about 20 software titles on each computer including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Access, Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Photoshop.

Although, the technology training as a whole is fairly new to campus, marketing it has not been an issue. According to a survey conducted by Technology Training, UH members most commonly hear about the tech training through the eCoog Newsletters, and referrals through word of mouth, and survey takers have been giving high ratings for helpfulness, engagement and quality of training.

“Learning technology isn’t something that should be hard. It’s all about practice,” Brahmbhatt said. “Having a helping hand guiding you through saves time, effort and frustration in trying to learn it yourself.”

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