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Parking problems worsen for game day

Parking at UH just got a little bit harder — but only on game days.

“I think for Thursdays home game parking is going to be very hectic around campus because a good amount of students have class on Thursday, compared to not as many on Friday and Saturday,” said history junior Javier Bermudez. “For the Friday home games, I believe there will be some inconveniences for those of us who have Friday classes.”

As long as students have a valid campus permit to park in that particular lot, they will be allowed to enter without having to pay. This does not apply to the lots that will be used for game day parking: 9B, 9C, 12A, 15D, 15C and the Stadium Parking Garage.

The only people that are allowed to park in the stadium garage are those in the Varsity Club and Captain’s Club, both of which are donor’s clubs. Cash parking can be found on the north and east sides of the campus.

In preparation for donor game day parking areas, surface lots 12A, 12B, 9B, 9C and half of 15C will be closed at midnight. Any cars that are still there during that time will be towed. Vehicles can be moved to lots 8A, 4A, 16D or 16G. Lots 20A, 20C, 21B, 17A, 17B, 17C, 17D and the Leek Street lots will be converted into cash lots for four hours. Vehicles that are still there during that time will not be towed.

For the two Friday games, students who have a parking permit will be allowed to park in the stadium parking lot. It will be closed at 10 a.m. and no one can enter after that time. Faculty and staff will need to use the student entrance. Those that park in the East Parking lot will not be affected. The second floor of the Welcome Center parking lot will be closed at 4 p.m. People that arrive after that will be directed to the first floor. Students will not be allowed to enter this garage starting at noon. Those that do will be directed to Entrance 4 to park on the first floor. If there are no spaces there, they will be directed to alternative parking lots. Students who have parking permits and arrive when the garage is being used as a cash lot will not be turned away. For the Saturday games, the garage will be a cash lot four hours before game time.

For students that have class on game days, it is recommended to enter campus through Spur 5 and park at either at the Energy Research Park (ERP) or the East Garage. The ERP has about 800 spaces, so it is a good alternative for the UH community. Shuttle buses will run through the ERP.

It is highly recommended to go over all of the information prior to game days because it will be updated periodically.

There will be a free shuttle bus service. The pick-up areas are University Drive, near the Welcome Center garage, Lots 20A, 20C and 21B.  People will be dropped off at the southeast corner of TDECU Stadium on Cougar Woods Drive. Buses will run three hours before kickoff and two hours afterwards.

For more information,and further detail about the timing of lot closures visit the parking site.

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  • Isn’t the ENTIRE point of having a garage parking pass to park in the garage without problems? This is ridiculous. Not everyone is at UH for parties and football. Some of us are here for the actual purpose of a university – – earning an education.

    • Except, you know, the marching band students who arrive seven hours before kickoff because marching band is an actual class and we also need to park…because none of us are here for an education…

  • It is all about Student success….until something more important, like football in a second tier conference, comes along.

  • well, if they wanted a stadium they should have envisioned parking too. this thing of converting spaces and asking students who paid for permits is really dumb

    • They should also envision promoting alternative transportation options too. Parking shouldn’t be a necessity to get to TDECU Stadium. Plenty of Park & Ride lots in suburban areas for folks to park, take the express METRO bus, transfer to a local METRO bus in Downtown to UH. There’s also something that exists called carpooling, bicycling, drop-off, etc.

  • I ended up taking Uber to get to the game so I didn’t have to worry about parking on game day. But I have a feeling that this Thursday home game will be hectic!

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