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Letter to the editor: Former athlete ‘proud’ of student presence at TDECU Stadium

[alert type=”green”]Editor’s note: F. Kenneth Bailey, Jr. is an attorney-at-law at Bailey Peavy Bailey and a former student athlete at UH.[/alert]

Dear Coogs:

I started my association with the University  of Houston in 1965 when I was on a football  scholarship.  During the past  49 years,  I have  been  a compulsive follower  of the  advancement  of the  University  and especially the  athletic program. As I have gone through  those years, I have attempted to support the University in various ways and means, intending to continue to do so while I am able.

Having said that, I wanted to express to the students of the University of Houston, especially those who attended the inaugural opening of the new stadium, my observation of what was brought to that stadium by each of you and as a group.  It was incredible.  It was contagious. It was so uplifting. It was glorious. On that night, I would have taken the UH Student Section over any University’s student section in the country. I was so proud and all the Cougar Nation should be so proud of your participation. I hope that you will continue to participate in mass in the same manner.  That caliber of student support at these athletic events is so important to send a message, that the University of Houston is ready to go forward as a “family”; we are going to bring the whole package when you come into the Coogs’ House.

In hopefully less than 50 years, I hope each of you will be able to look back and say, “When I was at the University of Houston, my fellow students and I made a difference .” WOW, that would make you so proud, just like I am now proud of all of you. Keep it up and stay focused. As I am.


F. Kenneth Bailey, Jr.

[email protected]

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