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Khator wins Pride of India Award

Official portrait_Khator

President and Chancellor Renu Khator | Courtesy of UH

President and Chancellor Renu Khator received the “Pride of India” award at a reception on Capital Hill earlier this week, presented by the Indo-American Friends Group and Indo-American Business Chamber.

“It is with great pride and joy that I learned that I had been selected as a recipient of the 2014 Pride of India Award,” Khator said in news release.

“I salute the work of the Indo-American Friends Group and the Indo-American Business Chamber as they promote and strengthen the commercial, cultural and educational bonds between the world’s two largest democracies, while serving as a means to celebrate the traditions, experiences and history that guide and inform the daily lives of Indians and Indian-Americans in the United States.”

The Pride of India honors the trailblazers from various industries.  Other recipients include U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley and Deepak Obhrai, Canada’s Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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