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First Impressions: From Indian Lakes’ ‘Absent Sounds’

“Absent Sounds” is the third album by indie-rock group From Indian Lakes, the group brought together by Joey Vannucchi.

This album is their first release under Triple Crown Records, also host to The Dear Hunter, O’Brother and Foxing.

The album opens slowly, taking its time to draw you in, almost forcing a fight to pick up on the first tones of the minute-long fade in.

Upon the arrival of Vannucchi’s vocals, the song juxtaposes clean acoustic drums with the various melded melodies. Vannucchi against the ambience of the keys is like waves meeting in the water to become one.

The introduction is a stark constrast to the previous album’s that rips into its beginnings with up-tempo drums and guitar parts, and this can be a bit rattling for someone expecting more aggressive music, like tracks from their previous releases “Able Bodies” and “The Man With Wooden Legs.”

The worry is for naught, as the album picks up the pace in its stride.

Third on the album is “Breathe, Desperately,” one of the singles released before the album’s drop and is reminiscent to the previous album; odd but groovy time signatures, drums reliant on the rim and vocals moving the song along shape this track.

Ever-present on “Absent Sounds” is the feeling that the group went for a more electronic sound in this work; the presence of synthesizers and effects seems more doted-on than their previous release, but they is put to good use.

The group layers vocals in a way that could be called ambient gospel but would compare to The Dear Hunter or Radiohead in similarity.

Lyrically, the album struggles with the concept of mortality and living with past decisions.

“Ghost,” released before the album, touches on this. The song fit perfectly as a single to draw awareness to the album; the chorus, undeniably catchy and easy to sing along to, draws on those things that make From Indian Lakes what they are.

The drums play syncopation over layered guitar parts all the while Vannucchi wanders between a whisper and a shout.

“Absent Sounds” has depth; it’s no record to be passed over, and for long time fans, a welcome new side to From Indian Lakes.

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