With food trucks, late night bites to stay for the rest of the semester

Students asked for food trucks to return, and their request has been answered. Starting this week, they will be a regular UH late-night dining option.

This comes about after having a successful trial last month.

“We had several requests from student groups and our Food Service Advisory Committee for a late night dining option,” said marketing manager for UH dining services Amber Arguijo said. “The trucks were a popular suggestion, so we worked with all of the necessary groups to begin the program.”

The food trucks will only be staying late for the rest of the fall semester. From there, UH Dining Services will review the feedback from students and truck owner’s along with sales and will decide whether to continue the program in the spring, Arguijo said.

Coreanos will be here this week, and will be rotating with Golden Grills and Happy Endings. They planned to be on campus Monday, but their truck broke down.

“The trucks will be at the same location as the pilot (near Student Services Building and Cougar Village) from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. Monday through Thursday,” Arguijo said.

Although everything seems to be going according to plan, that was not the case last time the food trucks stayed late. They did not take into account the number of students that would show up, and ran out of food.

According to Arguijo, this time the food trucks will be prepared for that because they are going to take into account the data they received from the trial run. The vendors will adjust accordingly when the demand fluctuates.

Students are ecstatic that this is happening.

“It is awesome,” said psychology sophomore Jeeva Babu. “I get hungry at night so having (late night) food options is like ‘Thank You!’ ”

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  • It’s good to hear that there’s enough demand during evenings to allow for more eating options on campus at a time many options are closed.

    It’d be nice if we had more food truck variety though, not that the current options are bad. Hopefully in the spring. I really miss Bernie’s Burger Bus.

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