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During Careers in Student Affairs Month, UH searching for involved students


UH DSAES staff watch a presentation about student affairs and enrollment.  |  Justin Tijerina/The Cougar

October is National Careers in Student Affairs Month, and the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services has organized programs and seminars to help students interested in a career in student affairs find their way into the world of higher education.

“The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services is inviting students, faculty, and staff to learn more about who we are, what we do, and who we serve,” said Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Communications Manager De’Awn Bunch. “The month is not directly intended to identify careers for people, but if they are intrigued by working on college campus and impacting student success in a non-faculty role, then student affairs may be the career path for them to explore.”

National Careers in Student Affairs Month was first celebrated by UH in 2012. In both 2012 and 2013, the division of student affairs and enrollment services partnered with the College of Education to host a half-day conference with staff and student panels. Bunch said the division has changed the way it approaches the month now.

“Instead of the conference format done last year, we’re spreading events out across the entire month to increase touch-points and engagement with students,” Bunch said.

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Dan Maxwell said most students do not usually come to school seeking a career in student affairs, and it is not until a student is actively involved that they are even aware that the profession exists.

“Typically students are encouraged to explore the profession based on the experiences they have had as an undergraduate,” Maxwell said.

Student Housing and Residential Life Executive Director Don Yackley said this month is not so much about finding careers in student affairs but more so to help students discover all kinds of potential career paths.

“Exploring the careers of different disciplines helps to clarify, for students, the field that they want to go into or what they do not want to go into,” Yackley said.

“A career in student affairs will challenge and engage students in ways that utilize their experience and education while providing a sense of purpose and making a difference as they strive to support student success.”

For Bunch, NCSA month is rewarding for students of all majors who are looking into different career paths.

“Each day is different, and our staff and graduate assistants are always collaborating to provide engaging and informational resources, programs, and events,” Bunch said.

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