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Wardrobe Wednesday welcomes autumn

This Wednesday, The Cougar welcomes fall with profiles on a couple of stylish Coogs.

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Pictured right is supply chain junior Bryanna Solis.
Her dress and boots are from Nordstorm Rack.

Solis: “I’m excited for the fall season. I love the sweater weather and just wearing scarves, leggings and boots. I would describe my style as preppy, but I try to be hipster.”

The Cougar: Are you excited for autumn holidays like Halloween?

Solis: “I’m more of a Thanksgiving person than Halloween.”


[tab title=”Tyme Powell”]


Pictured left is psychology freshman Tyme Powell.
Her skirt and shirt are from Forever 21; her sweater is from Marshalls; and her boots are from Ross.

Powell: “I want to take a road trip up the east coast to see all the leaves change color. Fall is probably my favorite season since it’s not too hot and not too cold. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving and all the food.”

TC: Is there a story behind the flowers you are holding? Are sunflowers your favorite flowers?

Powell: “Today is my boyfriend and mine’s three-year anniversary. I’m going to a surprise dinner. I don’t know where yet. Yes, sunflowers are my favorite.”

TC: Are you worried about your midterms?

Powell: “I only have one midterm, which I just took. It was a Human Situation exam. Our anniversary is the perfect way to celebrate!”


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