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Charli XCX hits the stage at Fitzgerald’s with a Boom

The line of anxious music lovers extended far down the street as people crowded outside of Fitzgerald’s on Thursday night.

Charli XCX, a British pop singer who has floated under the radar for most of her career, exploded this summer after being featured on Iggy Azalea’s hit track “Fancy” and after her song “Boom Clap” was featured in the hit movie “The Fault in Our Stars.”

A diverse crowd of young and old packed the small venue, speaking to the artist’s popularity. Her two opening acts, Femme and Elliphant, are both already popular on European music charts. Their performances succeeded in getting the crowd pumped.

By the time the star of the night took to the stage, the energy in the air was intoxicating. XCX performed a mix of songs from her first album, “True Romance,” and her upcoming album, “Sucker,” set to debut Dec. 12.

Even though many concert-goers may not have known all the words to every song, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Highlights of the night included her solo performance of “Fancy,” along with “Break The Rules” and “Boom Clap.”

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