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Scholarship named in honor of fallen LCC director

After tragedy struck the Language and Culture Center with the loss of beloved staff member Brad Powell, teachers and community responded by creating the Brad Leon Powell Scholarship to honor the fallen director.

“Brad so embodied the spirit of a professional who works in international education,” said LCC Director Joy Tesh. “In all of our grief, everyone saw this as a way to honor his legacy.”

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Brad Powell | Courtesy of the LCC

Powell was the program director for Counseling and Student Services and a member of the Language and Culture Center. He tragically passed away in August in a drowning accident while on vacation in the Virgin Islands. His death rattled the UH community, and LCC administrators dedicated the scholarship to him in an effort to show their respect for the educator.

The scholarship was announced at a Memorial Service for Powell in the AD Bruce Religion Center, and his family and the LCC community have responded positively.

“Brad began working as a freshman in 2002 as a program assistant,” Tesh said. “He always loved and was involved with the LCC, so he had the experience to come and teach in the program after he got his masters in counseling.

“He was hired for the Program Director of Counseling and Student Services, and he’d been in that job for about a year before we lost him.”

This is the first year that the Brad Leon Powell scholarship is being offered, and it will cover the full cost of tuition, fees, and medical insurance, valued at $4,293, for one term in the extensive English program.

“Initially, the LCC gave two full and two partial scholarships. The administration had already made the decision to combine two partial scholarships into one, and we were struggling with what to name the scholarship,” Tesh said.

Powell was on the committee to name that scholarship. After his death, administrations made the unanimous decision to dedicate the scholarship to his memory.

“I address my colleagues and asked them of their opinion, and everyone agreed that Brad deserved the honor. It’s not an endowment; it’s a tuition waiver. This will be the first time we’ve given three full scholarships. This is a much better situation for students,” Tesh said.

Students that knew Powell agree that the honor is well deserved.

“I knew Powell for three semesters, and he helped me to chose my major,” said LCC alumnus Mohammed Mufid. “It’s the right thing to have his name remain with the school.”

The scholarship selection is competitive. Students must have a good academic and attendance record, and they must demonstrate cross-cultural understanding and leadership skills.

“Any student in the program (LCC) can apply. Teachers recommended the students, and then a selection committee chooses eight finalists. The teachers vote for three students to receive the full scholarship,” Tesh said.

LCC students can apply for the Brad Powell scholarship for the next term.

“He was one of a kind. Any student or staff member that came in came in contact with him will simply never forget him,” Tesh said. “This scholarship will make sure that Brad’s memory will remain in the LCC.”

LCC students can find out more about applying for the scholarship by emailing the LCC office at [email protected].

[email protected]

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  • Brad Powell was an amazing person! He helped me to realize how important it is to love what you do. Thank you Brad!

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