Bush sees progress after win against Temple

After taking over offensive coordinator, Travis Bush got off to a rocky start when the season started. For the next month and half, it has consistently sharpened up with efficient quarterback play from sophomore Greg Ward and junior running backs Kenneth Farrow and Ryan Jackson — resulting in two straight wins.

With a big conference matchup at South Florida on Saturday, Bush met with The Cougar after practice on Sunday to discuss the unit’s recent turnaround.

The Cougar: In the last two games, the offense has seemed to hit its full stride, especially in the passing game and running game. What has been the difference?

Travis Bush: I think we’ve just eliminated mistakes. There hasn’t been anything different schematically. A lot of it has just been the mentality, and (the offense) has finally come into its own and getting a feel on what we do well. Guys are finally executing and really coming into their own.

TC: Do you feel your 31-10 win (UH’s most recent game) was the most complete game of the season?

TB: I think so. We moved the ball well, had just a few penalties that gave us a bad taste in our mouth. But in the last two games, things haven’t gone our way in the beginning, but they’ve stuck and fought back and had a great second half. They’ve posted strong mentality of overcoming adversity, executing and doing what they got to do to win the ball game.

TC: How were you able to have that much success as you did, especially with the nearly 43 minutes time of possession?

TB: It was the most consistent game. Before, we have had offensive drives where we would go score, and then we would go punt. Penalties are big part of that. Against Temple, every other drive we would move the football. It kept our defense off the field and the opposing offense off the field.

TC: And the sustainability on offense has really helped your offense on third-down, right?

TB: Guys are making catches on third-down and executing. There are times Greg Ward has tucked and run when things aren’t open, instead of sitting back there and trying to force passes down the field. You have to be smart and take what the defense is giving is.

TC: After an inconsistent first half to the season where most saw this offense being inconsistent, how has the positive turnaround altered this team?

TL: There are a lot of factors when you start a season. A lot of expectations on the outside can have a lot to do with that, too. People are expecting things to just naturally happen. A lot of times they don’t. You have to work at it. You have to make some mistakes and get a feel for what you can do well. I feel like we’re getting into a groove right now. That’s what the guys believe, and it seems like they’re having fun again.

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  • Man, I just cannot get into supporting Bush as the OC to take this program to a P5 conference. He would be annihilated. And, what’s this bit about having to make mistakes? He had all of spring and summer to get it together on how to prepare his offense for the first game.

    To not have shown one iota of life against a horrible team in the first game of the new stadium, shows me that we need to move on to a better coach. Frankly, more than half of the blame goes to Tony for promoting someone that he shouldn’t have.

  • 100% unprepared!!! We lost to a 2-6 UTSA Due to Coaching. UTSA lost to Florida Atlantic… wow. Bush, we have no faith in anything you say. Lets just Hope Ward and guide the team with his arm and legs because the play callling wont get it done.. Go coogs

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