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SFAC: Center for Diversity and Inclusion, LGBT Center look toward increased student involvement

SFAC presentations continued on Friday with the last day of presentations. Center for Diversity and Inclusion Director Niya Blair and LGBT Resource Center Director Lorraine Schroeder presented to SFAC with updates on what has happened in the last fiscal year.

This is CDI’s first year full fiscal year after being established last year by a task force. Blair was hired on Aug 20, and all remaining professional staff, a graduate assistant and student staff were hired by Oct. 1. CDI has put together a strategic and assessment plan as well as a plan for marketing.

CDI is looking for a base augmentation of $74,200 to last year’s base allocation of $125,567, with its request totaling about $199,767. The center has put forth initiatives to start a student mentor program, put out a newsletter twice a semester and develop a multicultural graduation ceremony available to all students.

Afterward, Schroeder gave her report to SFAC, stating that the LGBT Center has created a mentoring program with last year’s SFAC funds and has implemented a training system called Cougar Allies, which allows students and staff to gain certification that they are LGBTQ-friendly.

Some of the challenges the center is facing is lack of front desk help, as it currently has only three student workers on differing schedules. The center is asking for a base augmentation of $18,896 on top of the $33,057 gained in its base allocation. If the request is granted, approximately $5,000 would go toward programming and advertising.

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