Hispanic Student Association to host free movie screening

The UH GCSW Hispanic Student Association, GCSW Global Justice Group and Women & Children Welcoming Committee will be presenting a free movie screening of “A Home Behind Fences: The Return of Fear, Profits and Family Prisons” followed by a panel discussion from 6:30-8:30pm on Nov. 12 in the Agnes Arnold Auditorium 2.

This Texas-made film follows the government’s response to refugees and migrants in the creation and expansion of new private prisons for these families living in the Southwest.

“This event is to spread awareness about immigration policies in the United States, specifically those regarding undocumented people,” said Meghan Quinn, Master of Social Work, Clinical 2nd year student.

“I think it is important to acknowledge that although this group of people have entered the country undocumented, they are still humans and deserve to be treated as such.”

The panel discussion will include three speakers: James “Terry” Keel, President/CEO The Children’s Center, Frances Valdez, Immigration Attorney and Jill Campbell, Immigration Attorney Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

The Hispanic Student Association of the University of Houston  Graduate College of Social Work, represent a community of students committed to the principles of empowerment, solidarity, and social justice for Hispanics.

In addition, the GCSW HSA will be hosting a “Needs Drive” for the Children’s Center, which operates a residential facility that houses unaccompanied minors. They will be collecting school supplies and toys for the upcoming holiday season.

“We are encouraging anyone interested in this topic to stop by our event and learn a little more about working with this population from professionals in the field,” said Quinn.

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