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Wardrobe Wednesday: Sisterhood edition

This Wednesday, The Cougar talks with students about their sisters and how their sisters have influenced their lives.

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Pictured right is journalism junior Sonia Zuniga.
Her shirt is Vince Lamuto, her pants are from Forever 21 and her shoes are from DSW.

Sonia Zuniga: I was born and raised here in Houston and I have three sisters – one younger and two older. It’s kind of hectic; we have to share clothes sometimes. We’re the same size so sometimes I’ll be missing a shirt.

TC: What do you guys like to do together?

SZ: We go shopping a lot. Not anymore since we’re kind of broke. We love catching up on movies and we eat out a lot. We’re all working. I’m also an aunt. My older sister who works at Hermann Hospital, has two kids, a 2-year-old boy and a 6-month-old girl.

TC: How do you like being an aunt?

SZ: I like it. I like to buy them stuff. I think they like me most, but that could be just me talking. At first, I didn’t think I was going to be into kids since I get really annoyed very quickly, but now that I have them, I kind of understand other moms. You know, how they take them out to restaurants. I kind of feel defensive on the side that if they want to cry, they should be able to cry. They’re just babies. Other people kind of look down on them. I kind of see it now. Before I used to be that person. But now I understand.

TC: How about your goals and dreams? You want to be a journalist correct?

SZ: I do. Right now I’m taking this investigative class, but it’s not what I want to do. I wanted to try it out to see what I really want to write about. I want to do some feature writing – maybe profiles, look into some certain cultures, maybe travel.

TC: Do your parents support you?

SZ: They do. They never looked the other way. Whatever I wanted, they thought it would be much better than what they had. They specifically wanted us to do what we loved. My mother worked for one of the courts in the small cities of San Luis. She loved it, but she had to leave it all behind to move to the United States with my father. He was a dropout from high school and he worked for my grandfather. They were neighbors. He said he was always in love with her. They have crazy stories. They’re cute. They’ve been together for I think 24 years. I don’t think I’ll ever do that.


[tab title=”Tuyen Ho”]

Pictured left is political science junior Tuyen Ho.
Her beanie and sweater are from Forever 21, her tights are from Zara and her shoes are from Michael Kors.

Tuyen Ho: I’ve been to Europe, Amsterdam, Switzerland and I’m going to Singapore. I’m going for about ten days just for vacation.

TC: What do you look forward to in Singapore?

TH: There’s this hotel there and they have this infinity pool that looks over the city. I’m really excited about that. For the holidays I’m going to Arizona. My sister is there. Her husband is in the military and they’re stationed there. She’s having her second baby so I’m going there to help her.

TC: Congratulations to her! How does it feel to be an aunt? What have you learned from it?

TH: It feels awesome to be an aunt. I love my nephew very much! What I’ve learned from being an aunt is that kids are a handful. It makes me contemplate on whether or not I should have kids. I’ve learned you need to train yourself to be extremely patience and to be able to exert more energy than one can possess.

TC: What drove you to do political science?

TH: My little sister is my motivation. She’s actually in law school right now. She motivated me to do something more with my life.





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