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Looking cute in cold weather: It’s an art

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Winter wear: where necessity often crosses paths with looking good. There’s something nice about everyone pulling out their winter coats and long scarves as they embrace the cold weather, but it’s important to stay practical even while trying to look good. Here are some winter fashion tips that will keep friends jealous and the competition on their toes.

Scarves are a fun component, and come in a variety of textures, colors and patterns. Wrapped around the neck and displayed above the chest, they attract the eye and will garner a glance or two. Keep things simple with an infinity scarf or go all-out with a full-length one, and try your hand at a number of artful wraps and knots. Bold and fun patterns go best when worn with large winter coats of a solid color.

Hats are a bit trickier, and it’s better to take the shape of your face into consideration. Larger hats complement more angular faces, while beanies complement rounder faces. When in doubt, look in the mirror when trying out winter hats. Because they come in such bold colors and a variety of styles, hats often make a defining statement. It’s good to try and match accent colors on the hat with accent colors on the coat.

Gloves are great as it gets colder, and convertible fingerless gloves are a neat way to keep one hand on the touch screen and the other nice and toasty. You can match gloves with a hat or a scarf, wear bold and fun patterns against solid coats, or go neutral and pick a white, black, grey or beige that doesn’t clash with anything else you’re wearing.

Coats are the staple of the winter wonderland, and range from parkas to heavy trench coats. Pick a style that suits you (and your hat of choice, or vice versa), and make sure it’ll stand up against whatever cold you’re braving. On warmer, sunny days, thick to light cardigans are an option as an easy-to-peel layer in case things get a little toasty.

Everyone has an ugly Christmas sweater and a fancy Christmas party sweater. Layer over a dress shirt and an undershirt for a compact insulation system that looks light and sleek, or baggy and comfy. Both sweaters are sure to attract attention – the ugly Christmas sweaters bravely define their own looks.

Boots and leggings are a commonly found winter pair – boots insulate better than their low-brow counterparts, and can make a statement that outcries the soft or leathery material above. Leggings are a fun support to an outfit, but should accent, not define, as a transition from the coat to the boots. Opt for footwear that looks good, but insulates your feet properly – the feet are one of the most cold-sensitive areas of the body.


  • I fine wearing tights/pantyhose under leggings gives me extra warmth in the cooler weather. I was wondering if I am the only one that wears tights under leggings?

  • I love a good stylish hat! They are so “in” this season – i’m talking about the very large ones. What grander way to make an entrance then with a statement like that?

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