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Students hold second protest for Eric Garner, Mike Brown


Students gathered together today at Lynn Eusan Park for “#BlackLivesMatter: A UH Die-in.”

Unlike the previous demonstration — where African-American and black students lie down and allies remain standing — this protest allowed students the option to either lie down or stand up.

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  • Good grief–people attending a major university are still ignorant—both of these situations are NOT RACE issues—-they never WERE. When you people don’t stand for something–you WILL fall for anything and that is apparent here! Michael Brown was a thug who assulted an officer of the law! A GRAND JURY did not indict Officer Darren Wilson because BOTH the physical and eye-witness testimony collaborated proving HIS innocence! But let’s be ignorant of the fact that Michael just ROBBED a store, let’s be ignorant of the fact that Michael tried to kill the officer and let’s continue falling for the MSM rhetoric! What a bunch of loons! While I don’t agree with the choke hold on Garner—I will say this—He was RESISTING ARREST!! If you people choose to NOT respect an officer of the law, then FACE THE CONSEQUENCES! It’s THAT simple!

    • “A GRAND JURY – under unusual and in some cases blatantly incorrect instructions from the prosecutor – did not indict Darren Wilson because reasons! And while I don’t agree with the use of a procedure that’s been against NYPD regulations for two decades–I will say this–he was TRYING TO AVOID BEING CHOKED TO DEATH. If you choose not to respect a system that marginalizes you at every turn and show a glimmer of disrespect to the pawns of authority, FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. That’s right – you should be prepared to die if you’re not willing to respect a cop.”

      I fixed your post for you too to make it a little more clear. It’s just one more free gift I provide when I’m not too busy working night shift at Sbarro.

  • Tam how very sad for you that you live in a world filled with fear, judgment, separation and divide. As long as we refer to our young people as thugs we will not see them as human beings and it rationalizes treating them as less than.

      • “If perhaps they wouldn’t ACT like n***ers then perhaps they wouldn’t be referred to as n***ers.”

        I fixed your post for you to make sure what you’re saying was a little more clear. No need to thank me.

        • So it’s YOUR contention that thugs can only be of one particular race and THAT was my intent? Thugs know no race or creed as far as I’m concerned. Nice try!

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