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Courtney’s Kitchen: An introduction to healthy, minimalist eating

Living in campus housing that requires a meal plan is the ultimate test to any student’s imagination, especially amid classes, work, relationships and everything between.

In many instances, eating — and healthy eating, at that — falls by the wayside. But we won’t be having any more of that.

Eating healthy on campus with little money is surprisingly easy. With a pinch of creativity and a little effort, the dining services transform into a palette from which your inner chef can mix and match.

The first thing to recognize is that every venue has something to offer: even Cougar Express has fruits that the dining halls usually don’t. Exploit to-go boxes like you’re saving up for the winter.

If something is put out for you, then it’s yours for the taking — whether it’s cinnamon bread for some French toast or vegetables for stir-fry, take what you can and make the most of it.

Every Friday, I’ll be posting a recipe that is easy to make for any on-campus student, taking ingredients from places around campus, such as the dining hall and Cougar Express stores.

Welcome to the world of health-minimalist eating!

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