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UH to add nursing doctoral program, increase undergrad tuition

The cost per credit hour for UH’s undergraduate nursing program was approved to increase to $410 from $244 in today’s Administration and Finance committee meeting before the Board of Regents at the Student Center South ballroom.

The program is moving from UH-Victoria to UH and classes will begin on campus in the fall.

The significant increase is attributed to multiple factors, said Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost Paula Myrick Short, including location changes and the need for a “qualitatively different” faculty for a Tier One nursing program.

Short said that nursing graduates won’t just be prepared to work in hospitals, but will “have research experience” that sets them apart from other graduates.

The increase will also help fund the addition of a Ph.D. in Nursing program at UH, a program Short called “very expensive.” When asked about the culturally different cost of the program, Short said that the program “may look different from the current programs at UH,” and that the change is necessary as UH moves to becoming a full Tier One University.

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  • To becoming a full Tier One university? That’s right. Khator has led people to think UH is Tier One. It is in her speeches and on the website but as one article says ” UH falls well short of the mark”. The graduation rate is half of UT and A&M. So Khator, you build those buildings. Twist words. Raise tuition. You have to earn it, not buy it or cheat your way to it. It will catch up to you.

  • ” including location changes and the need for a “qualitatively different” faculty for a Tier One nursing program ”

    This isn’t offensive to the Victoria nursing program?

  • Tom you cannot be more misinformed and honestly just ignorant with that statement. Maybe do a little research of your own before ranting about one of the top presidents in her profession. Tier 1 is more of a general term. We are referred to at T1 but our goal is to be recognized by the state and be treated as such financially which is far from the case. There has been absolutely no deception in any of the terminology you mentioned from RK.

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