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Courtney’s Kitchen: Pulse with the power of beans

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Combining foods with high amounts of fiber and nutrients are sure to keep your body happy, healthy and grinding through those late hours without a hitch. | Courtney Gigant/The Cougar

Some of my friends recently decided to go vegetarian, and it wasn’t long before they came to me, deprived of iron and protein, for advice. Fortunately, there’s a healthy, versatile and cheap super food that meets all of those requirements and then some: beans.

With substantial amounts of fiber, protein, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc, beans decrease the risk of several diseases and improve weight management. Full of nutritious energy to feed vigorous vines, beans keep us just as full and vigorous throughout the day.

Beans are part of the plant family known as “legumes,” which include peas, beans and lentils. They are great both fresh, dried and canned, though keep in mind you’ll have to soak certain beans overnight so that they lose their toxicity.

Available everywhere on and off campus, there’s no excuse to not eat beans.

They’re great for dips, soups, appetizers, a meal of their own, a sauce additive or even a key component of stir-fry. The options are endless. I recently threw together a super nutritious mix of black and kidney beans, fresh kale and cauliflower.

Putting together nutritious vegetables is the easiest way to get key nutrients on the go. For anyone looking to upgrade their diet with cost-effective variety, beans have you covered — and full.

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