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Attempted suicide at East Parking Garage


UHPD and Houston Fire Department personnel were notified of the incident and on the scene within minutes. | Glissette Santana/The Cougar

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In the third reported attempt at UH this year, a person attempted suicide by jumping off the East Parking Garage roof today.

Between 12:10 and 12:15 p.m., the man, who has not been confirmed as a student, jumped off the garage, UHPD said. A student said he heard a yell, and saw another student rush to the injured man and begin performing CPR on him.

“I heard somebody yell, and that was it,” said another student at the scene, who wished to remain anonymous. “Then I saw the body on the ground.”

A UHPD officer who was on bike patrol near the garage saw the incident and arrived at the scene within minutes. A representative of the University said the man was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital and is in critical condition.

The East Parking Garage is across the street from the Bauer College of Business, near Chinese Star.

UHPD officers on the scene would not comment on the incident.

UH Counseling and Psychological Services is at Student Service Center 1 Rm. 226, and CAPS counselors can be reached at 713-743-5454. CAPS offers QPR Suicide Prevention. “Question, Persuade, Refer” helps students recognize signs of suicidal tendencies and provides steps on how to help themselves or others suffering from suicidal tendencies or thoughts.

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  • “In the third reported attempt at UH this year, a person attempted suicide by jumping off the East Parking Garage roof today.”

    3?! Why has UH or The Cougar not addressed these? This is the first time I am hearing about this. Also, why does UH not do more to address mental health issues on campus?

    • “why does UH not do more to address mental health issues on campus?”

      UH addresses mental health on a regular basis. If you do no recall, there was an entire WEEK dedicated to mental health and wellness. We have “Let’s Talk” tables around campus with a licensed counselor there all day just for students. We have outreach programs and events every week that addresses all sorts of mental awareness. There’s even a 24 hour helpline for anyone in need that can be reached through UHPD.
      Just because you do not hear about these suicide attempts (FERPA or HIPA) doesn’t mean nothing is being done. This University makes efforts to advance and improve mental wellness. You cannot depend solely on the University for support. Your fellow Coogs need to spread the word that life is valuable.

    • The Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is always available, so please do not state such vague comments. BTW…I dig your screen name.

      • They are NOT always available. They are understaffed! Their student to therapist ratio is 1:4800. Mental health is the NUMBER ONE UNDER ADDRESSED ISSUE ON THIS CAMPUS. We need to change that!

      • Yea, defiantly not always available. Have to call the day of an appointment, and all their appointments fill as soon as they open. If you want an appointment have to call exactly at 8:30, or whatever time they open.

        • That is true. My friend called at 8 and was rudely told that it was filled…
          Had to wait like another week…
          They should work on this!

          • When you call, address right away that you have suicidal thoughts (even though you don’t or not really serious about the thought). This will get you through FAST

    • The Cougar reported on the previous suicide attempts; if you search their website you’ll find the stories

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