Smart house showcases new technologies

Students had the rare opportunity to take a tour of the NRG Smart Home in Houston; a smart home is a test bed and showcase for cutting edge sustainable technology, such as solar, networking, and energy efficiency technology.

The tour was arranged by Professor Ramanan Krishnamoorti of the College of Engineering and took the students on a tour to learn about cutting edge technologies in the energy field. Students saw the innovations in home power generation and energy saving.

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  • UH should be setting the example by incorporating these technologies into the buildings it is putting up. A prime opportunity would be the replacement of the Quads.

    • The University is working on a proposal and seeking funding to create a “living campus”. Imagine the smart house technologies but with all the buildings able to communicate with each other.

  • It would be great if the article mentioned the address of the NRG Smart House and more information on how a tour can be booked.

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