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Quads to be demolished, replaced by 2020

The Quads are set to be demolished and replaced, according to UH’s Master Plan. | File photo/The Cougar

UH has announced plans to demolish the Quadrangle in favor of providing new on-campus housing to encourage student success as part of UH’s Master Plan.

Don Yackley, the executive director of Student Housing and Residential Life, said replacing the Quads will add more valuable options to the UH housing system.

“Our goal is to support student success by providing more housing options on campus with proximity to classes, services and involvement opportunities for students at every class level,” Yackley said. “We know that students who are well-connected to services on campus and who are involved on campus tend to do better academically.”

The Quads are the oldest residential buildings on campus and have served students since 1950. According to Yackley, replacing the Quads is crucial to the University’s mission of fulfilling student needs.

The 2015-2020 Campus Master Plan outlines a housing goal of 9,008 new beds by 2020, a 2.3 percent growth. It shows new “Cougar Place-like” dorms and the possibility of townhouses to replace the Quads.

“Currently, we are exploring different types of housing options,” Yackley said. “We are currently not exploring townhouses in the traditional sense (but) are looking at housing ideas to maximize independence and privacy for students while balancing affordability and potential unique community concepts, which may borrow aspects from a townhouse model.”

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  • The Quadrangle may not have been the prettiest but it was home!
    #beastofbates #thatcartmanstickerabovethedoor #theundergroundtunnelswerecool

  • I lived in the Quadrangle before the renovation and while it definitely has it’s problems it’ll be a litte sad to see it gone. I wish they could keep the old stone outside but change the inside. The old buildings on campus add character to the university!

  • UH has an opportunity here to display it’s commitment to building sustainable, energy-efficient housing. It will be interesting to see if that opportunity is recognized and seized, or squandered.

    • Randy you have to understand that the Quads blow, like there fucking terrible. I’m all for keeping historical sites, but man not the Quads.

      • I am well aware of their condition. I am also a Life Member Alumni. Gut to the bones and remodel should also be an alternative to demolition.

        • I agree that it would be a great alternative, however the Quad has serious plumbing issues as well. I experienced them first hand when I lived there and sewage backed up into our shower drains and flooded many first floor rooms. I don’t know if there’s a way to completely redo the plumbing and remodel but maybe it wasn’t the most cost-effective or efficient route.

  • YAY! Tear down the other budget dorm and replace it with new buildings that cost more than Cougar Place. Fuck this shit.

  • I’m sure they are not what they used to be, but I was a Law Hall resident from 1988 to 1991. That was home to me! So sad to hear, but that was a long time ago.

  • I hope the university would consider older style dorm rooms, maybe even with community bathrooms. Living in cougar place, I have met a lot of lonely people who wish they would run into more people in their day to day activities like brushing their teeth and hanging out in a common lounge.

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