Staff Editorial: UH sees the beginnings of new campus culture

Over the past year, one thing has made itself clear: UH is rising.

The change has manifested itself in many ways — the most visible are the numerous new buildings, such as TDECU Stadium and the Student Center.

Arguably the biggest opening of the year, the stadium breathed new life into UH football and the University as a whole. Attendees of the games this season saw a long stretch of Cullen Boulevard closed, with hundreds of students and alumni gathering in anticipation to tailgate. Members of the UH community flooded the streets, blasting music and enjoying food and drinks while preparing to cheer on their fellow Coogs.

The Student Center opened officially on Jan. 21, furthering the recent trend to renew and revitalize the campus. At its most basic level, the Student Center offers a place for students to buy books, enjoy a meal or to study — but it is so much more.

With a host of stores offering everything from ice-cream to tech gadgets, a new theater for students to enjoy free films, and private study rooms and lounge areas for students to hang out or hit the books, the Student Center is a huge step toward involving students in the UH community.

What may not be as evident as the new buildings is the beginning of a tangible on-campus student culture.

UH has strived to transform its image from a commuter school to an environment that encourages and gives incentives for students to live on campus and stay for the weekends.

The strip of businesses across from Calhoun Lofts — Calhoun’s Rooftop Bar and Grill, The Nook Cafe, Pinks Pizza, Cafe 101 and soon-to-open Bullritos — has given students a plethora of options for both lunch and night-time fun as well as more choices for weekend dining.

While these new additions serve the University well aesthetically, there’s something more important at the root of it all. These aspects work together to foster a new environment of Cougar spirit — pride in the University, faculty and fellow students. We hope that the University will continue bring in new businesses and opportunities that enrich the life of every UH student.

— The Cougar Editorial Board

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