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STEM girls show off eclectic fashion

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Pictured right is petroleum engineering graduate student Jenny Liao. Her shirt is from Korea; her glasses are from Japan; her pants are from Banana Republic; and her shoes are Vans.


Petroleum engineering graduate student Jenny Liao. | Diana Nguyen/The Cougar

Jenny Liao: I was born in Taiwan, and I moved to the United States half a year ago to for my master’s program. There was not much of a transition phase for me, because we have a very close Taiwanese community. I feel like home whenever I am with them. Also, it’s my dream to come to the U.S. and I made a lot of preparation for this, so everything turned out to meet my expectations. In all, I didn’t spend much time adjusting myself to the change of the environment. I love it here as much as I love my country.

The Cougar: Do you have any siblings? Are you guys close?

JL: I have a brother who’s still going to school in Taiwan. And yes, we are very close.

TC: What are some of your interests or passions?

JL: My greatest passion is traveling. Exotic cultures really amaze me. I’ll never get bored visiting new cities, trying new food, experiencing new cultures and meeting new friends on the trips. I’ve been to places in Asia and almost all over Europe. My next goal will be exploring South America.

TC: Who are some of your role models?

JL: I thought hard for this one. I think it would be George Collins and Marissa Mayer. George Collins has an extraordinary view on many controversial topics, and the way he thinks is way ahead of his time. His speeches really encourage me to think outside of box. As for Marissa Mayer, I am a female engineer, what else do I need to say. Life-work balance, loving mom and successful career woman, that’s my goal.

TC: How would you describe your style?

JL: I always try to dress like the Parisian girls. I spent half a year in Paris. Those girls are so fashionable that I won’t get tired sitting in a café and admiring their dresses the entire day. I like how slick and daring they are. But the style you see (here) is not so Parisian, from what I observed, they don’t normally dress this colorful.

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Pictured left is biology senior Jade Martinez. Her hat is from a vintage shop in Colorado; her Adidas top is from Academy; her tank top is from Walmart; her plaid shirt is from J.C. Penney; her shorts are from PacSun; her boots are Agaci; and her bag is from Target.


Biology senior Jade Martinez. | Diana Nguyen/The Cougar

The Cougar: How would you describe your style?

Jade Martinez: Growing up, I liked the grunge-, rocker-, skater-type independent look inspired by the kind of music I listen to. It always just fit me.

TC: What kind of music do you listen to?

JM: Metallica, ACDC, regular ’90s alternative. Simple stuff like Blink 182, just random stuff. I have ’90s pop radio on my Pandora.

TC: Do you have any favorite movies who have influenced your style?

JM: “Blow” and “Scarface.” “Blow” is more California beach… I like the Coachella kind of style. More vintage and antiquey.

TC: Who are your role models?

JM: That’s a good question. I guess my mom. She’s actually going back to school right now. She was actually my determination to finish strong, because she’s going back to get it done. She’s a really really hard worker.

TC: What do you want to do with biology?

JM: I want to go into lab research. I’m actually applying for an internship at Texas Children’s Hospital.

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Pictured right is biology senior Vicki Pham. Her sweater is vintage; her red top and skirt are from Forever 21; her sunglasses are Ray Bans and her shoes are from Payless. 

VickiVicki Pham: I was born in Dallas-Fort Worth. I moved here in the beginning of college in August 2011. I have a couple of siblings: three brothers and one sister who lives in California.

The Cougar: Do you feel like you’re more of a tomboy because of them?

VP: I used to be. Then once I got to college, I started wearing more skirts and dresses — they’re easier to put on.

TC: How would describe your style?

VP: Girly, I guess.

TC: Are you close with your siblings? Do you feel like they influenced you a lot?

VP: Yeah. The oldest one is definitely a role model; he was like a dad figure. My dad worked a lot, so (my oldest brother) was always taking care of us. My little brother is like my best friend. The other one… he’s just off doing his own thing. My sister visits us often. She’s 33. She recently visited. We’re pretty close. We’re a lot alike, and I didn’t even grow up with her.

TC: What are some of your interests?

VP: I like cooking and reading.

TC: Do you have a favorite book?

VP: Favorite book would be “East of Eden” by John Steinbeck. I haven’t found anything that tops that. It’s just a life-changing book. It was about everything, and it made me reflect on life and how I should live it; what kind of person I want to be. It was just a story, but it made me see good and evil.

TC: What made you decide to be a biology major?

VP: I wanted to be a pharmacist, but that kind of got pushed back a little. I’m still working toward that. I’m just kind of riding the rails right now.

TC: Taking it one step at a time?

VP: Yeah, it’s kind of hard when it’s all coming at you at once. My aunt is a pharmacist. I saw her life and it’s what I want — She’s a great aunt, she’s a great mother, she’s a great person.

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