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Khator visits sororities to reassure students after rumors of gang threats

Renu Khator made a visit to the sorority houses at Bayou Oaks Tuesday morning in an effort to reassure students that UHPD is taking the recent rumors of gang threats seriously.

Her visit and acknowledgement of the threat on social media has been received by the UH community.

“President Khator’s visit to sorority houses was to reassure students … Students are always her priority, and I applaud her leadership,” Executive Director of Media Relations Richard Bonnin said in a statement Tuesday afternoon.

Security around campus, specifically Bayou Oaks, has been upped to 24-hour patrols after rumors of gang activity against sororities arose Sunday night.

If you have any information about the rumors, contact UHPD at 713-743-3333 or email them at [email protected]

[email protected]


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