Clinton to receive leadership award at TSU

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Hillary Rodham Clinton will receive the Barbara Jordan Public-Private Leadership Award from Texas Southern University’s School of Public Affairs and School of Law on Thursday.

Clinton will be the first recipient of this award because of her work in government and dedication to human rights activism, TSU Law School Dean Dannye Holley said in a news release.

“Awarding the first Medallion that bears Barbara Jordan’s name to Hillary Clinton is fitting because this award is geared towards recognizing the life time contributions that an American woman has made to our national public life,” Holley said in a news release.

The leadership award is given to any woman in the world who has achieved success in the public or private sector.

The ceremony will be held in the TSU Health and Physical Education Arena on Thursday at 2:30 p.m.

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  • Leadership now means abandoning 4 Americans to be raped and killed by Islamic terrorists and then lying about it publicly. if you got a degree from TSU, ask for your money back

  • Leadership: a prospective public official refuses to answer questions from the public she intends to serve.

    Just what our society needs – more meaningless self-congratulatory awards.

  • Hillary Clinton is a Women who leads. She has always been a Leader and whether you share the same political leaning as Hillary Clinton, you have to admit that she is a powerful woman just like Barbara Jordan. Barbara Jordan would most likely have been our First Woman President if life had not made another decision for her.

    • Can you give me an example where Hillary Clinton always led? She worked on the Nixon show trials and was fired. She then married a serial sex offender, stood by him and became his enabler/ “bimbo eruption squad” leader to crush sexual assault victims. Spent 16 years as first lady of Arkansas and the US doing absolutely no leading. Became a carpet bagger Senator that took no leadership abilities and led nothing in the Senate. Lost an election to an unknown. Became a de facto leader of the State Department that accomplished nothing positive – was a disaster in her only leadership role. So, please give me some examples? And please give me some examples of how she has been a “human rights activist”? Because although she has made a FEW speeches about it, she did not actually DO anything. And at the same time she has coddled rights abusers that later turned out to be huge donors to her faux charity and to Hillary and Bill personally.

  • So a womAn (since so many people can’t seem to get the pronoun correct) who stifles the voices of the women that were sexually preyed upon by her husband and abandoned those who needed her desperately while serving their duty in Libya receives the first leadership and humanitarian award from TSU? Riiiiiiiiight. Also, this article is not well written.

  • Who did Barbara Jordan marry in order to become politically viable?

    How wealthy did Barbara Jordan become during her career in public service?

  • Read Barbara Olson’s book ” The final days”, and you”ll see what a phony and despicable person she and her darling husband “Bill” really are. She wants to run for president? She is better off going back to Arkansas with “Bill”, the other morally corrupt slug. Is this the best the Democrats have to offer? I’m ashamed being a democrat! I cringe when I receive a dozen or more E-mails daily begging for money for their “noble causes”. Being labeled a democrat lowers my self esteem, so I’ll say “good riddance” to this once respectable party. I’m feeling better already! How sad to be taken for granted all these years! Live and learn!

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