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Breaking the monotony of campus during summer

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Insanity classes are becoming a popular event at the Rec for Cougars, and petroleum engineering junior Melanie Cardenas has chosen to lead groups in their pursuit of fitness. | Trey Strange/The Cougar

Summers in Houston are brutally hot. Summers at UH are brutally hot, too — and more than a little boring. There are only a couple of classes to take, the library closes early and restaurants are open for even fewer hours than during the semester.

There’s not much to do — or so you think. Instead of sitting in your dorm, watching cat videos on YouTube until your eyes bleed, follow the things on this list to make the most of your summer on campus.

Visit Blaffer. A free mini museum of fine arts is nestled across from the Student Center Satellite on the north side of campus. The museum boasts three exhibits this summer, including “Early Awnings: Henning and Bohl with Sergei Tcherepin,” a German-American collaboration of sculptures, drawings and sound into an immersive installation. Drop in Tuesday through Saturday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., and brush up on your art knowledge.

Discover the campus. You might think you know every place in UH, but you don’t. Pick a new air-conditioned building each day and tour it. You’ll probably find something interesting like the RED Labs in Melcher Hall. Each building has a hidden gem. Go find them.

Go green. The Campus Community Garden offers plenty of that rewarding down-in-the-dirt kind of hard work your grandparents always wanted you to have. Try this for more information.

Drop in on a random class. Do a little Internet search on what classes are offered at UH this summer. If one sounds interesting enough and you can make the time, drop in on it, after clearing it with the professor of course. You might find a class you’d like to take next semester, or you might get a preview of one you already plan on taking. Don’t make a habit of it though — remember, you’re not paying for it.

Check your health. The University has an eye clinic and dental office that offer treatments and checkups at decent prices. If it’s been a while since you’ve had a checkup, then make an appointment — and the most of your free time.

Get your game on. Take a friend and go play ping pong for free with your Cougar Card at the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center, or pump some iron on your own to get them gains. Or participate in one of their classes, which vary by activity and time and include Insanity, Zumba and PiYo.

Go bowling. In the SC South, there’s the under-appreciated bowling alley with plenty of lanes, arcade games and pool tables for a great time from afternoon to late into the night. There’s even a Cougar Bowling Club you can join. It’s open for all skill levels, and haven’t you always wanted to try it out?

Get some culture. Room 217 of Agnes Arnold Hall hosts the Language Acquisition Center. Turn your boredom into an asset by visiting it and checking out a book or movie to learn a new language or, at least, discover a new culture. Summer hours are Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Remember your Cougar Card, because they will need to keep it if you check out any materials.


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