UHin4 increases freshmen commitment

The UHin4 program is seeing an increase in freshmen participation because of positive results from the students involved, according to UH.

“To date, freshmen who joined UHin4 last year, the program’s inaugural year, have performed better academically and have successfully completed more hours toward their degree than freshmen who did not participate in UHin4,” said Teri Elkins Longacre, vice provost and dean of undergraduate student success.

Incoming freshmen who apply and satisfy the eligibility requirements are provided with a four-year degree plan, academic advising throughout their collegiate career and better access to courses they need for their track.

Nearly fifteen hundred incoming freshmen have signed up for the program as of the first week of July, an increase of 411 students from last year, according to Shawn Lindsey, director of media relations and digital programming for UH.

“Our four-year graduation rate has risen to 23 percent in 2014 from 16 percent in 2010, and we expect to see the rate of increase accelerate over the next few years as UHin4 students complete their degrees within four years,” Longacre said.

Incoming freshman who choose to sign up for the UHin4 program can also choose to take part in the Fixed Four-Year Tuition plan that serves as a budgeting tool to effectively pay for the overall tuition at a fixed rate, even if it is over 15 semester credit hours.

Only in its second year, Longacre says the success is because of the dual efforts of the program and marketing.

These factors have worked together to fuel the increase and are “keeping us on track to exceed 50 percent participation for the incoming fall classes,” Longacre said.

UHin4 is in line with many changes that UH began implementing since becoming a Tier-One university.

What makes this program attractive to incoming students is the concrete plan advisers guide students through their four-year plan, whether they’re decided or undecided about their major.

“Achieving the UHin4 goal of graduating in four years rather than six enables students to enter their careers or graduate studies earlier, saving them time and money,” Longacre said.

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