New Calhoun stop signs are just the beginning


The young project paves the way for the building of the Health and Biomedical Sciences Building 2. The first building had a budget of $70 million, this one has a budget of $75 million. | Henry Sturm/The Cougar

Driving down Calhoun Road might have felt different since July 9. And it is different thanks to the new four-way stop signs at the intersection in front of the Welcome Center Parking Garage.

These stop signs are only phase one of something larger.

“The stop signs, and future plans for this intersection, are part of the Health and Biomedical Science 2 project, which is a $150 million project,” said Trent Williams, senior project manager for facilities planning and construction.

The first HBSB building was finished in 2013 and is located on Calhoun road, across the street from the Welcome Center Parking Garage. The second building will be built next to the first building.

According to the project’s website, “the nine-story facility provides a new home for the College of Pharmacy and expanded research space for the university-wide Department of Research.”

The facilities also have specialized research and teaching labs, faculty offices, teaching spaces and an expanded Health Sciences Library.

“The first and second floors consolidate clinical and clinical teaching programs into an innovative care environment. With primary care, physical therapy and behavioral health services, this new model of integrated care focuses on whole-family health and wellness, providing amenities such as a community kitchen that promote healthy behaviors.”

The Health and Biomedical Sciences Building 2 is still in the design phase. Back when the first building was being constructed, three years passed before the product came to fruition.

But completion for this second building is set for Fall 2017, according to Shawn Lindsey, UH director of media relations and digital programming.

Back when UH was still searching for a consultant team to design the building, the plan was to have final completion in late 2016,” according to a UH Plant Operations release.

Around half of the $150 million goes to the HBSB 2 project.

Funding for it comes from “State Appropriated University Campus Construction Bonds (formerly called Tuition Revenue Bonds), Department of Research funds, gifts, pharmacy tuition  – approved by students for the building – and program funds (clinic revenues, etc),” Lindsey said.

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  • The stop signs are there because a student got hit by a car and multiple have nearly been hit a couple times a semester for the last couple years. Your writers need to do more research.

  • “three years past” should be changed to “three years passed”.

    The editing staff at the Daily Cougar needs to be improved.

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