President Obama’s positive impact on American history


Obama’s presidency represents the evolution of America. | Savannah Canales/The Cougar

When President Barack Obama began campaigning in 2006, many thought his presidency would never come to fruition. Some even called his presidential terms a miracle.

The hate for Obama is real.

Since the beginning of Obama’s first term, he has continually created ground-breaking moments.

Many slight Obama on his continuous success by refusing to acknowledge his landmarks, but the groundbreaking change in laws and the relief many middle-class Americans feel are proof that he has done great things.

“This is what a successful presidency looks like,” said Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman in Rolling Stone. “No president gets to do everything his supporters expected him to.”

During Obama’s presidency, student loan tax rates fell, gay marriage was legalized, health care laws were dramatically changed, and he continues to deliver some of the most powerful speeches anyone has ever heard.

“I think president Obama is incredible,” kinesiology sophomore Michael Upkong said. “I think sometimes people don’t respect him, because of their personal views…. I feel like he broke down this stereotype of ‘Presidents have to be this and they have to talk and walk like that’ and all those other things people think a president should do,” said Michael Upkong kinesiology sophomore.

Obama’s legacy goes beyond political decisions. He is relatable because he connects with most of today’s youth.

He was the struggling college student. He was the kid that was raised by his grandparents and grew up without a father.

He was the small-town kid with big dreams and was the one black student in most of his Harvard classes but, through it all, he overcame every circumstance.

Events that occurred in the White House over the past six years have never happened in history. Most recently, the White House lit up as a rainbow in support of gay marriage — something that has never done before.

Obama’s presidency represents the evolution of America. Although the U.S. has so much further to go, the groundbreaking moment of a black man swearing into the Oval Office can never be forgotten.

Opinion columnist Faith Alford is a journalism junior and may be reached at [email protected].


  • While I agree President Obama has been fairly good when it comes to social issues, he hasn’t been any better than the previous administration when it comes to issues revolving around privacy, torture, foreign policy, etc.

    I mean, this is a guy who maintains that Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden are the likes of domestic terrorists, he tries to condemn the previous administration for the institution of the Patriot Act while riding the coat-tails of it, and Gitmo is still in full function.

    If the issues that don’t extend much further than your own back porch are all that concern you, then sure, he’s been a good president.

    • Obama, being the first elected black president,COULD have forged a GREAT legacy! Instead, his legacy is that of THE WORST president in America’s hx. He has turned America into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah! America’s allies don’t trust the U.S. and our enemies don’t fear or respect us! Forcing MILLIONS of Americans into his unaffordable, and ineffective ObamaCRAP healthcare,should have resulted in an impeachment. Millions of babies have been murdered under this “plan.” So, he has their blood on his hands. Thousands of Homeless and needyAmericans, including American vets, yet Obama’s focuses on illegal immirgrants, meeting their needs and demands. Many live better than I, off American tax dollars. Now, he wants to spread his RADICAL, so called, progressive agenda around the world! Look Out Cuba! America’s enemies are Building UP their militaries./Obama is TEARING DOWN U.S. military, along with West Virginia Coal Ind. His negative, immoral, unAMERICAN impact on America will far outlast his historical election of America’s 1st. Black pres. That doesn’t reflect positively on Blacks as leaders or politicians.

      • Good god, who are you and what are you doing with your time digging in to 8+ month old Daily Cougar articles?

        Now, I’m not going to take the time to address your points (even though they NEED to be addressed) because this is an 8 month old article and you’re logged in as a guest so you would never receive a notification of this reply to begin with.

        • This may be an older article,’ however, unfortunately, Obama’s “changes” to America are ongoing. His radical, immoral, and unAmerican, Negative impact will have a PERMANANT, destructive impact on America, culturally, socially,financially, and morally! Historians will wonder WHY he was allowed to destroy America culture, as he has! And, what about the millions of aborted, murdered babies that that will never know LIFE due to his ObamaCRAP h/c “plan?”

          • [I’ve had to alter this comment like three times to get it past the censor…]

            Ah, so you do get notifications of my replies. My bad.
            However, while I maintain from my comment 8 months ago that there are plenty of legitimate criticisms of Obama, none of those are on your list of the “unamerican” things he’s done.
            Anyway, shall we begin:
            You say he’s turned the country into a modern Sodom & Gomorrah, which could not be further from the truth; rampant and casual promiscuity, has been a thing in this country since way before Obama, not to mention it wasn’t even him who legalized marriage for everyone, it was a supreme court decision (on a conservatively weighted board, mind you) that called for a referendum on marriage bans.
            Obamacare was supposed to be a single-payer healthcare, but you can thank lobbyists and republicans for demolishing it into what it is today, and if you believe the instilling of Obamacare should have gotten Obama
            impeached, then you would probably agree that Bush should have been impeached for sending hundreds of thousands of our young men into the desert to die over a lie.
            On the notion of military, the U.S. to date
            spends 3 times more on its military than the next militarized nation and more than the next 10 militarized nations combined, and yet Obama is tearing the military down? We have bases and military presence in places that don’t need it. Nations don’t respect us not because we’re tearing down and weakening our military, but because we are a military
            imposition all over the world. We treat every other developing nation as a child who needs to learn our ways and give us their oil. Oh and if you don’t have any oil then you may as well not even exist.
            Speaking of which, the coal industry was good for
            economic growth for a while, but the devastating effects of rampant coal mining and subsequent burning is wreaking havoc on a planet that many more generations of our progeny is supposed to inhabit. It’s time to rely on more effective and renewable sources of energy to preserve this
            world, the only world we have. It’s a shame that a sector of the economy would have to die in order to accomplish that, but just as other sectors of the economy became obsolete in favor of more efficient and profitable things, it’s time for this sector of the economy to step aside in favor of something more sustainable.
            Obama has not murdered any babies. That’s ridiculous. And again, abortion has been a right since way before
            Obama. It has been conservatives’ constant failed efforts ever since then to try and overturn it.
            Morality, or lack thereof, is a very biased thing to preach about. For example, I can guarantee my morality doesn’t line up with your morality so saying that something is immoral is just you saying you think it’s immoral which has
            absolutely no weight.
            Lastly, the so called “radical” things he’s done aren’t very radical. Nothing Obama has done as a president has
            surpassed what New Deal legislation brought about for this country. The progressive agenda is far more radical than anything Obama ever accomplished in office, and a growing number of the population wants those policies, which is why we live in a country where a nobody like
            Bernie Sanders can gain insane momentum with his ideas. Unfortunately for super conservatives, even younger conservatives don’t really care about social issues like marriage and abortion anymore because they see them as non-issues, which they are.

            Someday, you’ll have to
            face the fact that this country is finally moving away from its deeply entrenched right-wing ideology and has been for a while, but all your lot can muster is to blame the current president for things that have been effectively happening to this country for over 50 years.

  • Under Obama, more babies were killed by abortion than the number of jobs created. That’s the legacy Obama leaves. A very NEGATIVE impact in my opinion. In addition to this, Obama supports the sale of baby parts by not defunding Planned Parenthood when, as cited in the Daily Signal, “…According to the Charlotte Lozier Institute, there are over 9,000 federally qualified health centers operating around the country. Each year they provide 21.1 million Americans, in both rural and urban areas, with many of the same health services, with the exception of abortion, Planned Parenthood claims it provides. By comparison, Planned Parenthood operates only 700 centers and serves only 2.8 million people..”

    Furthermore, by supporting abortion, Obama supports genocide – especially Black genocide. Obama signs laws & the Democrats vote 100% pro-Abortion, hugely failing to be an inclusive party! The pro-abortion party fails to a acknowledge that abortions kill up to 5X more blacks in the U.S. than the percentage of any other race killed by abortion. The Number 1 killer of black lives is abortion at the rate of 363,705 annually which is more than the sum of: heart disease deaths (69,918), cancer deaths (63,279), accidental deaths (12,215), diabetes deaths (11,934), homicides (8,206), and HIV deaths (5,686) which, combined, total 285,522 (credit: Radiance Foundation)

  • I’m going to go ahead and assume that this was cut and
    pasted from The Onion, but just in case it’s not…

    Ahhhh yes Obama, the Messiah, the Anointed one, THE person
    who was going to take us from the doldrums and grief of President Bush and
    right the ship. Yet quite the opposite has happened. To say that Obama has been
    one of the greatest presidents is not only wrong it is intellectually
    dishonest. With the abuses of power, good intentioned policies, gaffe upon
    gaffe in regards to hiring staff to handling of, well anything, it is a complete
    wonder that this man has not been impeached. He was supposed to heal the nation
    and herald in a new age of peace without racism. I tell you he has made it
    WORSE and made this country even more divisive with his unilateral feel

    Since when, Faith my dear, has community organizing
    qualified anyone be president? I am sorry you are blinded by his aura to see
    the results of what has been an abysmal 7 years. Let’s start with some FACTS
    (instead of whist full yearnings and good intensions).

    National debt

    Under Bush and before we racked up an astonishing 10
    trillion. Yet Obama has nearly DOUBLED it in 7 years. DOUBLED it Faith… DOUBLED



    It has been said that 78% of all statistics are made up on
    the spot, and that is no different with Obama’s lackluster performance on the
    job front. The 5% unemployment, “takes no account of the record 92.9 million
    Americans no longer in the labor force”. And that, “the labor participation rate
    was 62.7 percent in December, a 38-year low that recalled the “economic
    malaise” of the Carter presidency.” Not only that, but many employers are
    hiring mostly part time workers so they do not have to pay benefits.


    The facts are not supporting you Faith…

    You must agree with
    this paragraph to see what is in it.

    Obamacare i.e. The Affordable Care Act has been a rotten
    piece of legislation from its conception by author Jonathan Gruber, who relied
    on and was paid dividends from the “stupidity of the American voter”. More
    maxims from Obamacare; “If you like your doctor, you can keep them”, “Insurance
    premiums will drop”, “If you like your current plan you can keep it”. All
    nothing but pandering to the American people who didn’t feel like taking the
    time to actually read the… oh yeah we had to pass it first.

    So how about the results, so far. We are penalized for not
    having health insurance, millions have been dropped from their insurance
    policies and in turn lost their doctors, premiums have skyrocketed. States have
    refused to set up exchanges (because that was the only way Obama could come
    under the TRILLION-dollar mark (which has been blown to smithereens by the way
    with just the “doctor fix” in place). So how is this better? He wanted to pass
    this for, what, 10% of the population and it disrupted the other 89% of the middle
    class?!?!? Not to mention the effect it has had on small businesses and even
    large businesses. How is that helping anyone Faith??


    Here’s a website of excuses…


    There is not ONE fact supporting anything in your opinion
    article! I could easily say that Bush was the BEST president ever, but if I
    said that I would be lying. Just because you say things doesn’t make them true.
    There are quite a few more points I would like to make like…

    Blatant abuse of power and circumventing of the Constitution

    Benghazi (YES Benghazi)

    Fast and Furious scandal with the Justice Dept.

    Unilateral Iran deal (and the lies we have been told)

    His reluctance to take responsibility for anything.

    Mistreatment of veterans.

    His divisive picking and choosing of which news stories to
    respond to for instance Trayvon, Freddie Gray, and Kate Steinle.

    Ridiculous political correctness

    Calling for electricity rate to “necessarily skyrocket”

    Raising the debt ceiling

    Solyndra and other funding gaffes

    IRS 501.c3 scandal

    Having a tax cheat (who he vetted) serve as his Sec of

    The list goes on…..

    But I must get to class. Let me know if you would like to
    explore any of the other points in detail.

  • I’m sorry but this article was so poorly written and has neither any statistics to back it up nor a well-thought-out argument. Surely you could give more reasons to his success than a few remarks one would write in a tweet due to a character limit.

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