Google launches UH org, appoints student ambassador

With over 400 student organizations on campus, there is something to fit anyone’s taste. This year, Google has decided to reach out to UH cougars by appointing their first student ambassador.

“Google at the University of Houston or simply ‘Google UH’ is a brand new organization that was established by the first ever Google Student Ambassador,” said finance and marketing junior Cristian Macedo.

The goal of the student ambassador is to connect Cougars with Google and educate them on opportunities and programs that Google offers.

“I trust Google as a company,” said communication junior Brittany Johnson. “It would be great having them on campus especially since they are based in California. They can have some representation in the South.”

Just as most organizations for students, Google UH hosts many events and giveaways to promote their cause.

“Our efforts will include several events and workshops on campus like the Google AdWords Workshop on Sept. 17,” said Macedo. “(It) will expose students to the importance of AdWords and how to further their personal education and growth by becoming certified in AdWords.”

Google UH aims to help the general student body by helping them become more tech savvy through skill development workshops available right on campus starting throughout this semester.

What do students need to do to get in on the action? Macedo insists to simply show up.

“Since coming here, I’ve been looking for clubs to join and this sounds like a good opportunity to get my feet wet when it comes to learning about technology,” said exploratory studies freshman Julie Mai.

CORRECTION: Google UH is pending approval by the Center for Student Involvement to be an official student organization.

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