Kim Davis is not a hero



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Kim Davis is not a saint.

She’s not a warrior, she’s not brave and she’s definitely not a martyr.

The Kentucky clerk was arrested last week for denying gay couples marriage licenses. She was released from jail  this week and was lauded by devoted Christians who welcomed her like Pope Francis had just made his last appearance.

Indeed, it looks like the leader of the Catholic world can make progressive changes to religion, but Kentucky can not.

A woman who has been married four times, cheated on her first husband and had twins out of wedlock thinks she has the right to define what “traditional marriage” is.

Kim Davis is no hero, and she comes prepared with an army of non-heroes to back her up.

Our dearest Texas Sen. Ted Cruz thought he should make it clear that he was an avid Davis supporter. According to a CNN report released Tuesday, Cruz said on his Facebook page that “it was an outrage that she was imprisoned for six days for living according to her Christian faith.”

At least we know this isn’t the worst we’ve heard from him.

Organized religion should serve the purpose of self-knowledge and spiritual fulfillment, but never to overrule government policy, especially when it comes to constitutional rights.

When same sex marriage became legal in the United States in June, more than 9 million Americans were granted a right that was long awaited. In Houston alone, over 700,000 people celebrated such recognition as a victory for the LGBT community.

It is offensive and humiliating to a vast portion of the population of this country to deny members of the LGBT community an important right such as marriage equality.

It is time people stop praising her attitude as if she were the new messiah. Her arrogance devalues the LGBT movement, which just like any other minority group still suffers from society’s backlash and rejection.

As she left jail, Davis gave an emotional speech thanking her supporters for the love. Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee confirmed that the speech wouldn’t end without an old school Christian touch to it.

He even volunteered to go to jail because of the “tyranny” of “people who believe they can take our freedom and conscience away.”

The only thing Huckabee forgot to mention was that we do not live in a tyranny and same sex marriage is now just as much of a constitutional right as freedom of religion.

We’ll make sure to tell him next time.

Opinion Columnist Luiza Braga is a print journalism senior and may be reached at [email protected]


  • This sounds extremely personal. Maybe somebody else should have written this. News is SUPPOSED to at least SOUND nonpartisan. I get it, the lady is stupid. But you don’t have to bash her and everybody else along the way. Learn to write like real news articles should.

    • I don’t know if you noticed but she is an opinion columnist, therefore her article is supposed to be opinionated.

  • “Organized religion should serve the purpose of self-knowledge and spiritual fulfillment, but never to overrule government policy, especially when it comes to constitutional rights.”

    Who gives YOU the right to define the purpose of religion? I was taught that God created us to know Him, to love Him, to serve Him, and to be happy with Him forever in heaven. It’s not at all about self-knowledge and self-fulfillment. What you propose is heresy and worship of a false god(s). Perhaps you are one of those whose religion is self-worship?

    • What gives anyone the right to impose their personal values on anyone? Faith should be a personal thing. The problem with religion is that it so often expects everyone to conform to it, and sometimes by force. Those who choose not to conform to your religious standard are heretics and self-worshipers.

      And as far as Gavin Newsom, he acted outside of his power in those cases and the courts reacted accordingly, just as they did in Kim Davis’ case.

      • She doesnt feel comfortable giving the license to them. It’s understandable. That building should have someone who will, though. Don’t force her to do it. Forcing her to do something she doesnt believe in is wrong. Just as forcing an atheist to go to church is wrong.

        • She was given two options: start issuing marriage licenses to everyone legally entitled to one, or step aside and allow someone who will to do it. In the end she chose neither.
          No one is forcing her to do anything except her job. If she feels uncomfortable doing her job then she should make way for someone who is. Her deputies are more than willing to do any marriage licenses and did so while she was jailed, but she’s already claimed that those licenses issued by her deputies are invalid. So it’s not even that she’s uncomfortable with it, she’s being obstinate about it.

  • “One nation under God” much? This “article” has an obvious lack of objectivity and original thinking. Rather than spout rhetoric of fringe groups and furthering their agenda, it might be necessary to look deeply at the issue, consider the facts before showing us the ‘truth” (i.e. your opinion, misrepresented as fact).

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