UPDATE: shooting at TSU forces campus lockdown

9:10 p.m.: Shots were fired Friday morning at UH’s neighboring campus Texas Southern University killing one student and leaving another person injured.

Although no threats were posed toward UH, the University of Houston Police Department maintained high visibility across the campus and were ready to lend a hand to the neighboring crisis.

“Thankfully, there was no threat to our campus, but we were prepared in case there was,” UHPD Lieutenant Bret Collier said. “Our first responsibility is our campus. However, if (TSU and HPD) need our help, we’ll help. When we found out about the situation they had it contained and they put all their resources to continue to do so.”

The Houston Police Department and TSU Police Department responded to the incident immediately. TSU was placed on lockdown and classes were cancelled.

HPD has two suspects in custody and is looking for a third, according to KTRK.

12:30 p.m.: Shooting erupted near the Texas Southern University campus forcing UH’s neighboring campus into lockdown, according to KTRK.

A shooting occurred at Tierwester Oaks and University Courtyard apartments at 11:30 a.m. where one person has been fatally shot and another injured.

“The assailant is still at large,” TSU spokesperson Eva Pickens said.  “All staff are asked to remain in offices (and) students (are) to remain in classrooms until further notice.”
HPD are scouring the ground to contain the situation. Several medical units are on the scene, and CPR was being performed on one person, according to the Houston Chronicle.

HPD stated a possible suspect was detained, no details released on details of the shooter or their motive.

More information and development on the story will occur when details are available. [email protected]



  • So long as the NRA has a lock on our state legislators, gun shootings on campus will continue, turning Texas institutes of higher learning into war zones where the innocent are slaughtered in the name of gun “rights”. Already over 163 academics and numerous students at the University of Texas in Austin are virulently protesting the coming madness that will be unleashed when Campus Carry takes effect January 1st among public university’s state-wide. Already prospective students and outsiders with contracts doing business with UT are taking steps to avoid any Texas university campuses which allows Campus Carry. Now is the time for the the Daily Cougar to speak out against this madness, and to make students aware of the threat to campus safety and well-being if Campus Carry is not repealed. In the last week alone there have been 3 campus shooting — one in our own backyard at TSU. As a senior at UH, I appeal to the Daily Cougar’s sense of decency and the student’s “right to know” in denouncing Campus Carry and the NRA propaganda and gun sales machinery behind it. Already UH adjuncts are deciding to leave UH out of mortal fear. Campus Carry is not a solution to paranoia and fear; it is a blood-red welcome mat to carnage.

    • Metal “No Guns Allowed” signs that create an imaginary forcefield around the campus are obviously “the solution.”

      There are approximately 900,000 concealed carry license holders in the state of Texas. There are approx. 26 million residents. That includes children. Thus, on conservative estimates, every 25th adult you were near today at the grocery store, movie theater, gas station, coffee shop, restaurant, workplace, etc. had a license to carry concealed.

      Based on your fear based opinion, I’m surprised you made it safely thru the day.

      Enough with the emotional drama. Time for some hard facts. I’ll bet you paychecks that the shooter in this case did not have a concealed handguns license (CHL). Based on crime statistics available from the TX DPS, and national crime statistics for law enforcement personnel, TX CHL holders are more law abiding than the police!!

    • explain to me why the “In 12 years of licensed carry at CSU, there have never been any problems caused by licensed carriers.” That’s 12 years where there have been background checked, trained, licensed individuals over the age of 21 carrying firearms and they haven’t caused any problems.

      Also, to build on Max Powers’ point about there being nearly 900,000 concealed carriers in Texas, only 158 (2013 data) were convicted of a crime. That’s at a rate of 11.5 times less that the general public. 1 of every 5600 concealed carriers is convicted every year and 1 of every 490 people in the general population is convicted. As facts demonstrate, Concealed carriers are much more law-abiding an the general population.

      • Your argument is covered, again in the diagram: Guns make us safer. Buy more guns.Throwing out a few cherry-picked stats does not change the basic circular reasoning. They are merely used to support it. All irrational fantasies involving gun play much be reinforced. You just using stats to do so. The gun violence is real; people are dying. And none of these wonderful CC carriers, apparently have bothers to step up to stop it, either. Who are they hiding their guns from — if not the villains? From each other?

      • I’ve already addressed your circular reasoning in the diagram. using a few cherry-picked stats to support it is predictable. The WAPO article’s author is attorney and pro-gun activist , Dave Kopel, Director of The Independence Institute, an NRA propaganda front group. He’s also the legal mastermind behind the neutralization of Colorado’s gun control law. Koppel is an attorney, the son of a career, pro-gun Colorado Senator, and judging by his several vanity press books, clearly an NRA mouthpiece not averse to helping promote deranged NRA anti-federal insurrectionist fantasies. Which makes him the ideal NRA member with an ax to grind against gun control. In fact, among the NRA’s pantheon of wacko pseudo-scientists, he doesn’t even rate as high as John Lott, although I imagine he wouldn’t mind an upgrade. This makes him the perfect NRA mouthpiece for their pro-gun propaganda, but not very respectable when it comes to the realities of gun violence and university campuses. You might have mentioned his virulent bias before citing him or that none of his work has appeared in any respected peer-reviewed journal. Which is probably why he has to use his sloppy-looking website to hawk his ideas and his books. .

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