Bernie Sanders gives a voice to millennials

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Sanders’ policies are currently energizing young voters | Courtesy of Getty Images

We are the generation that has endorsed the legality of drugs, same-sex marriage and have created a competitive world through social media.

We want jobs, affordable education and security for our future.

The typical millennial is well aware that most politicians are full of hollow words, broken promises and they all have a certain flair for public relations.

The U.S. Census reported last year  that millennials have far exceeded baby boomers. There are now 83.1 million of us, where baby boomers total 75.4 million.

This is why candidates are on the hunt for the highly sought after millennial support in this next presidential campaign.

Forbes.com recognizes the importance of gaining the support of this specific demographic’s attention.

“Win the youth vote, and win the presidency. At least that’s been the case for the last few elections,” Natalie Sportelli of Forbes said.

Aside from sketchy Democratic representatives like Hilary Clinton and the political ploy tank that is Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders uses our concerns as his top priorities in the issues that need to be addressed for America’s success.

He can be seen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter utilizing social media like a boss. Supporters have even been campaigning cutesy merchandise with slogans such as, “Bern is bae.”

The responses from his social media following have overall improved his relationship with the typical millennial, who otherwise wouldn’t give a damn. But this has not done much in winning over financial support of key candidate funding.

“I don’t (think he will win),” said Brandon Rottinghaus, an associate professor of political science.

“The kind of metrics that we typically look for in terms of quality candidates for the long haul are things like endorsements in lead support, and support among the key coalitions within each party and Hilary Clinton seems to sew up those at this point,” Rottinghaus said.

Even with doubts of his campaign success from many, the progressive era that he holds ideal brings controversy in many concerns of what America is suffering from.

In the most recent democratic debate expressed his disdain for Congress succumbing to Wall Street.

“Congress does not regulate Wall Street. Wall Street regulates Congress,” Sanders said.

It is obvious he doesn’t hold back from making Congress uncomfortable, nor does he shy away from highlighting the negative impact that high capitalism can inflict on big government.

“He will definitely make an important case. He will make the party listen to some of the things that he is talking about,” said Rottinghaus. “There’s no doubt that Hilary Clinton would adopt some of those issues as part of presenting her campaign platform.”

It is obvious that Sanders makes statements that raise eyebrows, but to the millennial, that’s exactly the response they want.

Sanders’ time is progressively taking action on improving the living conditions for future generations of America to progress and don’t just “Feel the Bern” of capitalism.

Opinion columnist Phylicia Sneed is an English senior and may be reached at [email protected]


  • Not a single Democrat candidate will discuss the biggest event that will significantly impact millennials future:

    When interest rates rise and the impact on the nations debt….

    Instead they continue promising more “free stuff.”

    When asked how they will pay for it, they point to “the rich.”

    Well, here’s an (old-ish) video that demonstrates the fatal flaws in that plan.


    Democrats continue to ignore the reality of our debt, and instead support continued deficit spending. A reality that our own Government Accountability Office (GAO) has been raising the alarm about and can be summed up in one word,,,,, “unsustainable.”

    Which generation do you think this will negatively impact the most??

    • Sound like boomer logic. Thankfully that kind of mentality is dying out. Try to pick apart any of his ideas and I will show you how you are wrong.

    • Its not “free stuff” its a common love and curtesy for the Americans around you. This “free stuff” you talk about are things that’s should already have been rights to Americans. Another name for this “free stuff” is called Paying it forward. Its the mentality of walking by a homeless American and saying, pff its their own fault they are poor…and that is what put our country in ruin. Don’t be a garbage human being, and start caring about the human beings that you live next door to, rather then an inappropriate level of wealth. I am poor and I would still chip in extra for the greater good, what does that say about you?

      • Nice projecting dude! You don’t know anything about me, yet I’m somehow a “garbage human being??”

        Contrary to what you’ve probably been taught by your professors, the U.S. as a nation, and as individual citizens, is the most charitable country in the world.


        If you want to point to a group in our society that is the least charitable, maybe you should look at the party your favourite candidate is a member of… Look it up!

        You probably believe when THE STATE forcefully TAKES from one to give to someone else, it is considered “compassion.”


        • They’re taking what should have never been theirs in the first place, and I said don’t be a garbage human. Anyone can be one all I was saying is that its your choice whether you are or not.

          • “They’re taking what should have never been theirs in the first place.”

            You demonstrate the intelligence of a typical Bernie Sanders voter well. Scaaarrry.

            • so its unintelligent to think that the distribution of wealth throughout our country should have been fair to start with and not funneled into a couple pockets helping to create an elite like the Koch brothers. I’m not the idiot here I just feel like in modern day America everyone should be prosperous not just the few heartless enough to rip off the poor or uneducated.

              • God forbid someone works hard in this country and gets to keep the fruits of his/her labor!!
                Beware, someday, unless you’re liberal arts major, you might find yourself amongst the 50% of our population that actually pays for all the stuff you feel so entitled too.
                I doubt it though. You sound like a lifelong moocher who will always claim some type of victim status, or just claim “it’s not fair,” and thus never be successful.

                • …and you say I was projecting! I never said that no one can become rich that’s just stupid. All I’m saying is that if someone is going to hoard that much of the nations wealth its their job to at least re distribute a fair amount back into the economy. Your the one that sounds entitled, pull out a twenty that you cling so dear to and guess what!!! You don’t own it!! All the money in the country actually belongs to the federal government, your just borrowing it. You obviously don’t understand the vast consequences of destroying the middle class. The entire infrastructure will collapse, and you will lose all of your money. Stop pointing the finger and learn to care for the less fortunate.

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