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SFAC: Athletics asks for $250,000 one-time allotment to aid funding for OU game


Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Hunter Yurachek speaks on the importance to provide a memorable experience for students in the upcoming game against the University of Oklahoma. | Kevin Portillo/The Cougar

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics made its presentation to the Student Fees Advisory Committee Monday in hopes of acquiring a one-time allocation of $250,000 to help fund the Advocare Texas Kickoff Sept. 3, 2016 against the University of Oklahoma.

The allocation would provide aid in expenses for transportation to and from NRG Stadium, purchasing tickets allotment for students and hosting a tailgate party for the students and community attending the game.

Athletics would spend $150,000 for tickets, around $30 for 5,000 students. Transportation to and from the stadium for students was estimated to be $25,000, and $75,000 will go toward the tailgate.

The 5,000 tickets would be held for UH students.

“There’s nothing like seeing that special time for our students, there’s nothing like seeing our students wearing red, linked arm-by-arm chanting for the success of our team and our University,” Yurachek said. “We want that engagement to last more than the four years they are in college.”

The department also requested a budget of more than $4.36 million, the same amount they’ve requested since FY 2015.

Yurachek said they’d like to work with the Student Government Association to see how they can distribute 5,000 tickets to students, but no definite plan has been set in place

They hope this allotment will show the power of UH’s “H-Town Takeover” in display for the televised event against a perennial Big 12 program.

“(The) Athletics Department is the front porch of the institution,” Yurachek said. “That doesn’t mean that the front is the most important part of the house, but it is the most visible part of the house. It gives you the first impression of the house. That could be a positive or negative impression. We want to make sure that the position a very positive impression for the University.”

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