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SFAC: A.D. Bruce Religion Center asks for repair money

The A.D. Bruce Religion Center pleaded its case Tuesday for a one-time request totaling in $484,343 and a base augmentation of $17,172, according to its request proposal.

A.D. Bruce Religion Center manager Bruce Twenhafel said the $483,343 would go toward numerous upgrades and improvements including a roof repair, replacing the carpet and alter screen. The center would also replace and reupholster pews and kneelers, as well as replacing the front walkway.

“We have five or six places, depending on the intensity of the rain that filter down into the second floor,” Twenhafel said. “One even trickles down into the first floor area. If we don’t take care of the roof now, later on it will cost us more.”

Although minor renovations were conducted over the summer, major ones have not occurred since about 2001. While weddings and memorial services pull in major revenue, major renovations require more funds.

“We are literally cradle to grave in what we provide,” Twenhafel said. “We have dings, dents and bruises. What’s neat is that when you have a special event, the focus is on the bride (or) the pastor (or) what’s ever happening, so they never see it — but they really see it when we are trying to have events and to sell the facility.”

The $17,172 base augmentation request would be used for a graduate assistant.

“The addition of a graduate assistant will provide opportunities for a student to learn and be a part of our facility, while we are looking to improve and add to our facility, to help us reconnect with other departments on campus and bring some programs in and to help us with assessment of some projects.”

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