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DEVELOPING: UH’s hosting of GOP debate up in the air

UPDATE 3:30 p.m.: The University has released a statement about the debate.

“We’re actively monitoring the situation between the RNC and NBC News and Telemundo regarding the Feb. 26 Republican presidential candidates’ debate,” said Vice Chancellor and Vice President of University Marketing, Communication and Media Relations Richie C. Hunter. “The University of Houston is proud to be selected to host this important national conversation, and looks forward to the spotlight the debate will bring to our community and the important issues at hand.”

1:02 p.m.: The Republican National Committee has suspended ties with NBC for a Feb. 26 debate hosted at UH, according to multiple sources.

The possible split comes after a much-criticized debate that was hosted by CNBC, an NBC network, on Wednesday.

It is unknown how, or if, UH will be affected.

Updates will be posted as the story develops.

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  • The GOP will get their red meat base frothing at the mouth, then empty their pockets fundraising from the nonsense.

    They all act like is all so new to them and that they got the ‘If Kitty Dukakis was raped and murdered’ question.

    They didn’t like it when CNBC asked them questions.
    They didn’t like it when CNN asked them questions.
    They didn’t like it when FOX asked them questions.

    Apparently, the C in RNC must stand for ‘chronic complainers’…….

    • Boy Charles … you are drunk on the SocDem kool-aid. A Republican finally takes Dalton’s advice and does “not be nice” at CNBC debate, and you cry foul. Poor Baby Charles, did your Mommy not wipe you well enough during your last trip to the “Pooh Pooh Place.”

  • As much as I like to make fun of Republicans, after actually watching the debate I will say it was very terribly handled. The moderators interrupted candidates to contest their points on the candidate’s time, and asked them questions specifically tailored towards attacking each other; not to mention questions that had no real place in the debate. I was actually kind of glad Christie called them out on the fantasy football question towards Bush. Overall, very unprofessional.

  • It was Houston’s own Ted Cruz that started the “Avalanche” that exposed the liberal media bias, not just in CNBC, but throughout the networks. Most candidates followed suit attacking the moderators except for Fiorina and Kasich. Jeb Bush is still saying “Huh!”

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