New JambaGO self-serve machine introduced to Student Center C-Store

Students walking into the Student Center South Cougar Xpress Mini Market will find a new, fast and healthy addition in the fountain drink area: JambaGO.

“The JambaGO machine was placed at the Student Center C-Store because we wanted to provide an on-the-go option similar to the F’Real smoothies and milkshakes offered at the Calhoun Lofts, Cougar Woods and Cougar Village C-Stores,” said Emily Fahner, marketing coordinator for UH Dining Services.

English senior Aric Richardson saw the machines the other day, but did not get a chance to investigate further on what the machine was.

When he found out it was Jamba Juice, he said he was glad he had the option since he is not a big fan of Smoothie King, and he had always liked the way the former tasted.

“I love Jamba Juice,” Richardson said. “They’re not cramming everything into the shake, trying to get my dollar.”

Foresight graduate student Khaliah Johnson was unaware that a JambaGO was at the Cougar Xpress store as well, but she said she likes the fresh ingredients and that the self-service is quick and easy.

“It’s a familiar brand that a lot of students will feel comfortable with spending a few extra bucks on,” Johnson said.

There are two sizes available for students and staff to choose from 12 ounces  at 180 calories and 16 ounces  at 240 calories.

As for flavors, UH customers will get a chance to taste the two new Jamba Juice flavors: Strawberry Symphony and Mango Magnifico.

However, these are the only two flavors to choose from.

“While there are only two flavors provided now, we do have the option to change the flavors throughout the school year,” Fahner said.

Johnson is a fan of the white gummy bear flavor, but she questions if the pre-mix smoothies are as fresh as the regular smoothies. Nevertheless, she is willing to try it out.

“They need to give out free samples, so I can test for freshness,” Johnson said.

As for nutritional information, the list is not provided. Nevertheless, Fahner said that customers can find the full list of nutritional information on the Jamba Juice website, and to click on the info tab of the food item.

“Should customers have specific questions about the JambaGO smoothies, they are welcome to contact our dietitian, Travis Ramirez,” Fahner said.

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