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SFAC: CDI, CSI, CFSL granted over $1M in funding

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion, the Center for Student Involvement and the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life all requested funding for specific projects or budget increases after the centers made their SFAC requests in October.

Together, all three centers received over $1 million.

According to the SFAC recommendation report, the committee approved the Center for Diversity and Inclusion’s one-time request of $25,966 and a base augmentation of $126,863 for 2017 that will be used to fund a Minority Males program and an MLK Day of Service event.

The committee referred to the Minority Males program as “an exemplary method of benefiting some of the most vulnerable in society via strong mentorship and training.”

CDI also requested money to bring in national speakers for events on campus, which was denied.

“We have chosen to deny this request and encourage the center to canvas our local community for possible presenters who have exemplified leadership and service in this regard,” the report said.

The Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life made no one-time requests, but the SFAC committee approved their budget increase of $4,019 to make their base budget $327,961 for the 2017 fiscal year.

“We hope the center will continue in their efforts to engage and involve students on campus,” the report said.

SFAC also approved seven one-time requests made by the Center for Student Involvement for a total of $60,495 and increased the center’s budget from $803,664 to $825,857.

There were numerous one-time requests made by the CSI, but SFAC denied all but seven due to limited funding ability, according to their report.

Among the seven one-time requests that received backing were the Lead UH program, the Clinton Global Initiative and the Ignite programs.

The CSI presented a request for $4,770 for an Alternative Spring Break initiative, but was denied by SFAC because “there are an abundance of opportunities for service in the Houston community at little to no cost,” according to the report.


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