Students protest Syrian refugees block, demand halt to war


The Houston Anti-War Committee and the Students for a Democratic Society held a march on Saturday protesting the blockage of Syrian refugees. | Photo by Sara Samora/TheCougar

The Houston Anti-War Committee and the Students for a Democratic Society held a march in front of the library, protesting the emergency order to block the incoming Syrian refugees as well as chanting an end to U.S. wars.

Creative writing freshman Brandon Garcia participated in the march and said he feels this is the most important issue of his time.

“We’ve never seen something like this before,” Garcia said. “It’s insane to know that there are so many people just performing such a mass exodus of a country. (It) is terrifying. It’s literally almost biblical.”

While the turnout for the march was not grand, the participants continued to chant, “no to war, yes to peace. U.S. out of the Middle East,” and “Hey, (Gov. Greg) Abbott, Let’s be clear, refugees are welcome here.”

Corporate communications senior Jonpaul Clayton watched the demonstration as he passed by.

“I think it’s hilarious,” Clayton said. “They got seven people out here, and they’re wanting to turn over the GOP and all the government officials, in the safety of Texans and Americans to promote their left-wing extremist idea.”

Clayton said the reason he’s against Syrian refugees coming to Texas is because they will never become Americans.

“They don’t actually want to become Americans,” Clayton said. “They just want to get out of where they are.”

Clayton said the best option for anybody is for the Syrian refugees to find a friendly country in the Middle East, or a country that they’re used to or more similar to, such as Turkey or Egypt.

“(It doesn’t) matter if they’re Middle Eastern or Europeans — find a country that would welcome them, and give them food source to help give them new lives in a country that’s more like what they’re used to,” Clayton said. “We don’t speak their language; those countries do.”

Garcia said it is terrifying to know that the Syrian refugees are suffering.

“They’re caught in between a war, between powers that are so much more powerful than they are,” Garcia said.

“We don’t understand what that’s like because we’re in such a safe country, we’re in such a powerful country. The fact that we’re denying them, and there’s this war wage between all these powers, it’s terrifying and it’s also killing them.”

Houston is expecting one of two refugee families to enter the state on Monday. Nine more refugees are scheduled to arrive on Thursday.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Texas officials will seek a hearing next week on how closely the federal government coordinates with the state on refugee settlement.

“Texas shouldn’t have to go to court to require Washington to comply with federal law regarding its duties to consult with Texas in advance,” State Attorney General Ken Paxton said in the report.

“Our state will continue legal proceedings to ensure we get the information necessary to adequately protect the safety of Texas residents. While we remain concerned about the federal government’s overall refugee vetting process, we must ensure that Texas has the seat at the table that the Refugee Act requires.”

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  • There is an old saying “The Hood is governed by the aggressive use of force,” or is it the World?

    The motives of the SDS are filled with the stench of appeasement, sameness, and gullible people as if their were standing on the top of the U.S. Bank Tower promoting peace and understanding, before the evil alien death ray sent them to whatever SocDems consider their personal “safe space” purgatory.

    Students like Brandon Garcia, well what can I say … does it take a degree in creative writing to learn how to say “would you like fries and a drink with that.” Because you can throw a prosperous life away with the mode of thinking.

    How are these groups even story worthy … 7 misguided people … come on … but since J school is built on the sandy foundation of social democratism, even if 2 gullible students showed, the story still would have garnered the DC’s notability. Were the 5 W’s even deployed in the writing of this piece?

    We really do need a moratorium on immigration in our land, just as they do in all European countries … my goodness … just type “Sweden immigration” in YouTube, and you get nightmare after nightmare video of innocent Swedish women being raped by Muslim immigrant men, and a complete upending of a once picturesque society. Now, per capita Sweden has one of the highest rape rates in the World.

    In addition, in Sweden and in other countries like the UK … there are plenty of native “No-Go” areas, where if a Swede or Brit even approaches a mosque in non-Muslim attire they are hounded till they are forced to leave or be beaten. Even in the US we have places in Michganistan, specifically Dearborn, where Muslims will give a good beat-down if you offend them in any way. I’d like to see a homosexual couple ask for a wedding cake in a Muslim bakery.

    Many people don’t realize that from 1924 to 1965 that there was no immigration at all in the US. The decision was made to Americanize the immigrants that were already here. And it worked … European immigrants have embraced the American lifestyle, and still kept their heritage. Nowadays, immigrants are in no way encouraged to Americanize their ways. I’ve seem this time after time, where immigrants are recreating the hellholes of their homeland here. Have you seen the dumps that immigrants are making where they are housed by gullible European politically correct governments. Type in “immigrants complain” in YouTube, and get crybaby after crybaby complaining of not getting unearned benefits and of poor living conditions. What do they expected of these countries with dismal economies and already massive unemployment, I will never know.

    The same can be said of the US .. we have practically 20% U6 unemployment (95 million people not working), yet SocDems continue to clamor for millions and millions of amnesty illegals, and now with the Syrian Refugees, who will undoubtedly all receive government benefits, no jobs, and will not repay any of their debt to society for their time here. The U.S. Golden Goose that the SocDems always depends on to bail them out, died long ago. We are 20 Trillion dollars in debt, an insane amount … and what government in their right mind wants to buy US bonds that pay less than 1% interest. My Edward Jones Rep. would slap me silly if I tried to do that. And the Fed buying its own bonds is ridiculous … it’s like trying to hide fat on an extraordinarily obese person. But back to immigration.

    In the 1970’s, the SchoolHouse Rock video “The Great American Melting Pot,” was a great representation of the best society we could as for. It was the meaning of being an American, but also being proud of your heritage But that was before the 1960’s SocDems were in charge of our institutions, polluting them into the divisive entities that we call politicians, education, mainstream media, bureaucracy, the judiciary, and the current President. They’ve even polluted the weak-kneed Establishment Republicans with mainstream media shaming them, making them cower with threats of racism, etc., and it has given rise to PresCans like Donald Truup, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson, while sinking RepEstabs like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

    Trumps number one issue is Immigration. He has been the one man with gonads to attack the issue, tell the truth about it, and LIVE and THRIVE to tell about it, despite the mainstream medias best efforts to destroy his campaign. (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger). Mind you if Jeb Bush did what Trump did, he would be forced to abandon his campaign in a heartbeat. I mean Bush is done anyway, as is any SocDem candidate is as well.

    Let’s face it, 2016, is a non-Establishment GOP year. The events happening around the World dictate that the United States regain a strong leadership on the World’s stage. Obama has been a complete wimp, trying to knock us down to the level of a 3rd World nation. Of course, with his SocDemElite thinking, that his policies will never affect him or his fellow Elites, he is OK with creating havoc in our economy with ObamaCare, to his terrible and World altering foreign policy disasters. Hillary Clinton has a track record that is not … well, let’s face it, she is a complete failure … from Benghazi, the email scandal, to selling influence to her Crime Family Foundation as SecState on down, there is nothing appealing about the woman. She can’t sell a book, or raise a crowd. My goodness, Tea Leoni, would garner higher favorable’s against Trump or Cruz, based on her on-screen performances alone.

    The Syrian refugees coming to Houston, may well be perfectly responsible people, and hopefully may be Christian. But still, the idea of bringing unvetted people to our land is very dangerous, and with Paris and San Bernardino behind us, any “reasonable thinking leadership” would call for a halt to examine strategy and possibly policy change. But despite the efforts of sensible Americans, the Obama Regime, supported by the Houston Anti-War Committee and the gullible Students for a Democratic Society, more harm than good will come of it.

    I would like to ask the naive Creative Writing freshman Brandon Garcia a question. Would you and your family be willing to take in a family, let’s say a Muslim family, into your unclean household … because they will consider it so. Because I’m sure that you put bacon grease to start your refried beans just as I do. So are you willing to go up the stairs to the top of the U.S. Bank building? Or are you Brandon, a “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” SocDem?

    The only obvious solution to this whole mess, is keeping Syrians in Syria … the Russians and U.S should combine efforts to allow this to happen by creating a no-fly and safe zone for those displaced Syrians … but the Obama Regime is insistent on their policy, and refuses to support any chance for a sectarian democracy.

    From what I see in Europe … they are closer than ever to that seminal event that will be a game changer … Paris was close. In San Bernardino, the terrorist wimped out, but they could have caused some real damage in that soft target area had they stuck around.
    No, it will take simultaneous attacks in multiple countries, with many hundreds to a thousand dead before they realize that their social experiment of accepting a non-bending Sharia loving people into their society, was failed from the get-go.

  • Nice to know some students think decency, compassion, and what is represented by our Statue of Liberty is a harmful, “extremist idea.” Maybe we should just replace the Statue of Liberty with a statue of a big junk yard dog and a sign that says, “Whites Only. ” What a racist pig.

    • Man … UH is filled with a healthy number of gullible dunces that couldn’t think their way out of a wet paper bag.

      Calling someone a racist for the sake of calling someone a racist makes GFUH intellectually … small. And I’m frankly embarrassed for you.

      I wonder if GFUH would have loved living in East Germany before the Fall of the Wall. It was the ideal Socialist lifestyle, where the SocDem standard of sameness abounded and the only Capitalist in the country were its elitist leaders like Erich Honecker. And if you spoke ill of Honecker or the regime, you were targeted by the Stasi by bugging, or being arrested, threatened, or jailed. Your letters were steam opened, and your typewriter had to be registered with the government. The East Germans even had workers whose specialty was to identify the type face from a particular machine of a dissident who had sent text to the West. Of course, we have modern equivalents to East German devices, but their would be no replacement for the bowl of rice flavored with tubed tomato paste.

      The point is that GFUH fails to recognize the consequences of allowing unvetted peoples, like the Syrians … for all practical purposes they can be a cancer that takes years of living in the US before it presents. The Tsarnaev brothers in Boston, and the San Bernardino terrorist, were welcomed and became devastating cancers. These people never wanted to become Americans. They were pampered with welfare benefits on the East Coast, and with elaborate work benefits on the West Coast …. SB County allowed Syed to go home and pray multiple times per day, which wasn’t fair to the Christians and Jews he worked with who had to take up his workload. The SocDems of SB County bent over backwards to accommodate that joker Syed, and he slaughtered them as if he were part of the NKVD on one of Stalin’s purges.

      The SocDem ideals you believe in GFUH are dangerous, and I pray God that your parents are not wasting their hard earned savings to pay for your education for some worthless degree that you’ll probably never work in anyway.

      • Both parents are long gong gone. I’m a baby boomer. You are way out of your league. Your contempt for UH students, coupled with your bizarre appeal to revisionist history is offense as is your nativist racism. Both speak volumes about your contempt for what America stands for and has always stood for: a cherished beacon of welcome, hope, and liberty, to those from elsewhere. Unless you’re a native American, you can thank that same open door policy that got you here today, mouthing off against your own country’s most noble idea. You’re pathetic.

        • Calm down GFUH … calm down. I don’t want you to have a heart attack or stroke. Then you may have to activate your ObamaCare policy … and those deductibles are a killer. LOL. No wonder serious votes to repeal the disaster are being taken up by the Senate.

          The fact that you cannot coherently combat my assertions except with rage filled rants is understandable for a 50+ yr old college student. If you are a baby boomer and still in college … perhaps you should have stand off the drugs as a youngster.

          What you write really gives me the giggles. Calling me “pathetic” or “racist” is so elementary and junior high, and is a truthfully projection of your own miserable self.

          If you want me to really sit up and listen .. challenge me with logic, with facts. Heck, you might want to sit down and have a beer (or 2 or 3) and calm down before you get all hot and bothered before reading what I’ve written.

          I’m not trying to put down UH students … they are already down, but I’m trying to lift them up with thought, so perhaps they will think a different thread that the socialist tripe they get from leftist profs, the SDS, and whatever gasbag socialist organization happens to be ranting that day.

          I’ve explained my stance on immigration in relation to this article, so you either didn’t read it, or cannot comprehend it.

          But your thinking on nativist racism is … how did you say “way out of your league.” And it’s equivalent to accepting more passengers …
          …. on an already sinking Titanic.

            • GFUH … you came out of hiding from your Safe-Space!! Congratulations!

              We thought the DC commentariat had lost you forever.

              This Christmas season GFUH. I want you to sit down and take a deep breath … and open your horizons.

              Your universe is so small GFUH … that you believe that anyone who disagrees with you should be jailed or severely beaten.

              Well consider me your prisoner GFUH, and you a member of the famed Harvard Debate Team, which is obviously demonstrated by your overwhelmingly powerful prose. And just like Harvard … you’d lose … just as you’ve been destroyed by moi in our little bouts.

              GFUH … I’m actually trying to help you. By thinking in more than one dimension, you won’t embarrass yourself as much.

              You GFUH as a SocDem … you’re such an easy target with your current mindset. As a Conservative, I’ve been trained to examine the socialist mind, to think socialist thought. Heck, I have a piece of the Berlin Wall sitting on my desk.

              GFUH, I’ve had your Socialist playbook for years. There is nothing that you can say, that I cannot answer with clear and concise Conservative thought.

              But when your overwhelming intellect utters “Yawn. What a boor.”
              I am truly … SPEECHLESS.

        • GFUH … I know my responses may be raising your blood pressure, and in order to help you … to better your health. I wrong recommend using some of the services offered by The Counseling and Psychological Services under DSAES.

          CAPS offers Group Therapy services like: Understand Self and Others … and Stress Management 101. Those are free services, but if you need individual counseling; there is a $5 fee for a brief session.

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