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Best places to study on and off campus

roy g cullen

There’s a small area right in between the architecture and engineering buildings that not a lot of people know about. | Glissette Santana/ The Cougar

When it comes to studying, we all need our little space to spark the creative juices. A lot of people might simply set up shop in the library or The Nook, but sometimes these places can get too crowded. Or maybe you just hate how loud that one group two tables down is and it’s really stressing you out.

Here are a few ideas for those who want someplace different to study.

On Campus

Other than the obvious areas like coffee shops or the library, there’s a few little study areas not everyone knows about.

  1. There’s actually a few areas near the Student Center that are perfect for studying. In the lobby and second floor of the SC North are a lot of couches, tables and chairs ideal for study groups. The building also stays open pretty late, so you don’t have to worry about being kicked out any time soon.
  2. There’s a small area right in between the architecture and engineering buildings that not a lot of people know about. There’s a small bench there facing a small reflecting pool which is perfect for those wanting a more zen area with few people walking around.
  3. In the Roy G. Cullen building, there’s actually two study rooms that serve as small quiet areas. Normally there are a few people in there, but if you manage to find a spot it can be a great place to focus.

Off Campus

  1. Parks can be great places to study especially with the weather being the way it is now. In the museum district is Hermann Park, arguably one of Houston’s most gorgeous areas. The McGovern Centennial Gardens recently opened and it has plenty of benches and picnic style tables one could easily set up shop at for a few hours.
  2. Houston has dozens of coffee shops and tea houses that are open late and great to just pull out your laptop and read what you need to read. Go over to Rice Village and pick one of the many places they have or swing over to Agora off of Westheimer and find a cozy spot to enjoy tea and study. The Montrose area has a lot of great coffee shops almost on every corner. If you’re looking for a place with options for food, The Black Labrador is a small pub off of Montrose Boulevard that has a nice sitting area outside.

But the best place is wherever you feel most comfortable. Finding your perfect study spot is part of the college experience.


Houston has many great spots to choose from, so finding the right spot shouldn’t be too hard.

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