Fall Finals Edition Special Section

So, you need to study for finals?

We get that studying is the most stressful part of finals. Here are some tips to do your best on exam day.

Map it out

Figure out what material you need to study for each of your exams and schedule what you will study each day of the week. Schedule to study for your first few finals early on, and then move on to other classes that have finals later in the week. By mapping out a detailed schedule of what to study and when, you will avoid last minute cramming.

Stick to your schedule

Be sure to follow the map you make and do not fall behind. Stay on top of your studying by setting alarms to remind yourself of when you need to be studying for certain exams.

Use flashcards

Flashcards are your new best friend. Use them to study terms and concepts and quiz yourself on the material. Flashcards help test your memory and serve as a simple study tool every student should learn to use.

Look online

Search the web for other resources you can use to help you study. Sites like Quizlet let users search for materials for exams that other students have used in the past. Log onto Blackboard, and see if any of your classmates have study guides or tips for the exam.

Don’t give up

Even if you have waited until the absolute last minute to study, it’s better to put in some time rather than none. Review class notes or online study guides to at least refresh your brain on the material.


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