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Herman: Got my mouth shining something like a disco ball


Coach Herman makes good on his promise to get a grill after the Cougars won the conference championship. | Efren Diosdado/The Cougar

Earlier this season, head coach Tom Herman promised his team that he would get a grill if they won their conference championship.

Flash forward to a 12-1 record and an American Athletic Conference Championship title, and you have a head coach making good on his promise.

“I’ve been here 12 months, and one of the biggest things I’ve said is I’ve never lied to them,” Herman said. “They held up their end of the bargain, so I had to hold up mine.”

Herman brought in none other than rapper Paul Wall and Johnny Dang to get fitted for his grill.

Dang said Herman’s grill is expected to be worth just under $15,000.

Paul Wall, who attended UH for three years, said it means a lot that Herman reached out to him for the grill.

“I take a lot of pride to represent for my city (and to) represent for my school,” Wall said. “It definitely represents the city as well as the school. For Coach to do that, to show love and to even want to get a grill it means a lot.”

Paul Wall and a few other Houston rappers made a UH song when the Cougars went to the conference championship in 2011.

After the Cougars fell short to the University of Southern Mississippi, Wall said the Houston rappers got together and made deal that they wouldn’t do another Houston sports song until after the season was over to avoid a jinx.

“We’re almost at the time where we might make another song,” Wall said. “The season’s almost over.”

Wall said the grill is going to be revealed at a special unveiling next week.

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