• There are existing laws/policies for state universities to follow regarding land purchases and campus planning. UH follows those rules and asks permission. Why does UT get to do so without ever asking permission OR forgiveness?

  • I agree with Khator’s stance … you will end up hurting both schools in the long run with an under-enrollment of students. It’s akin to letting in more refugees and illegals in legally, when we already have 95 million out of work.

    • Ok I know you are going to kill me for this Bob and I probably will get a lot of hate thrown my way, but I say if it wakes the University of Houston up and gets them to offer programs and majors that are being offered at UT so as to be competitive, then good. Our Digital Media Program is a joke, we are so far behind in technical instruction for today’s media (seriously no 3d imaging and animation programs and no gaming programs which is a 5 billion dollar a year industry).
      In a heartbeat I would have gone to UT for their forward looking and leading programs if circumstances did not prevent me.

      • Simple. Digital Media needs a benefactor.

        And … don’t think bad thoughts of going to UT … we are propping up this paper.

  • Kudos for UH stance challenging UT’s Houston expansion plans. I’m curious why Rice and TSU arent challenging this expansion with UH?

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