Election update: Unexpected results in Iowa fuel dropouts

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Iowa caucuses are done, and now the focus is on the New Hampshire primary coming up on Tuesday. As the campaign trails on, the field grows smaller and smaller.

Ted Cruz wins the Iowa Caucus.

Iowa is full of evangelical voters, and they love them some Ted Cruz. Iowa is the kind of state that’s more prone to voting for the more religious candidates, like how Rick Santorum won the caucus back in 2012. Ted Cruz was the winner, but the bigger story is Donald Trump losing. After talking the talk about winning and “(winning)┬áso much… that you may get bored with winning,” it’s a major blow to his viability to win in the general election.

Bernie Sanders’ and Hillary Clinton’s virtual tie in Iowa shocker.

With a margin of only 0.3 percent, it’s being said that Hillary Clinton won the Iowa caucus. But the real story is how close the race actually was. Sanders’ close second place finish shows the Democratic establishment that he has an actual chance of beating Hillary Clinton and gaining the nomination. With New Hampshire just around the corner, and Sanders expected to win, this race is becoming a lot more interesting.

O’Malley, Santorum, Huckabee and Paul all drop out.

It was only a matter of time before Martin O’Malley dropped out, but he deserves credit for sticking in the race as long as possible. He added a lot to the debates, and even though his poll numbers were extremely low, he fought against impossible odds, which is admirable.

Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee were doomed based off their polling. Rand Paul is an unfortunate casualty, but he had to make the choice of either staying in the race or focusing on running for his spot in the Senate. He made the better decision, but it’s a shame to see a Republican with good policy positions go.

Opinion editor Anthony Torres is a political science junior and may be reached at [email protected]


  • After that boring SocDem debate last night … it was like what old person can promise the most free stuff. I just hope that Hillary was wearing her Depends, and Bernie took his Geritol.

  • I am not surprised that Donald Trump did not come out on top in Iowa. After all, would Iowans really vote for a candidate who insulted them?

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