Election update: New Hampshire brings surprises, drop outs

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Another week, another primary. New Hampshire’s primary was full of interesting results, and the Republican field is growing smaller. Here’s this week’s election update:

I. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump win the New Hampshire primary.

Bernie Sanders was expected to win New Hampshire, so the Republicans took the real test. Trump definitely learned his lesson from the Iowa caucus and focused more on a ground game. Now his bigger test will be in South Carolina, where Ted Cruz could sneak up and his evangelical voters could come out in droves to give him the lead. Sanders raised over $5 million after his primary win, showing that he has the momentum to potentially win the nomination. His true test will be on March 1, when many southern states will hold their primaries and caucuses.

II. John Kasich finishing second could give him a boost.

Kasich may have finished second in New Hampshire, but it’s a testament to how old-fashioned, door-to-door campaigning can actually pay off. He called virtually every voter in some counties and held overĀ 100 town halls. Now the problem for his campaign is going to be money. He is running as the compassionate Republican, and pushing himself as the viable alternative to Ted Cruz or Donald Trump.

III. Carly Fiorina and Chris Christie drop out of the race.

No surprise here. Chris Christie put his cards on attacking Marco Rubio during the last debate, and although he damaged Rubio, he seems to have brought down his campaign in the process. Christie was another candidate who invested heavily in New Hampshire, but clearly his investment did not pay off. It was only a matter of time before Fiorina dropped out, as she was only polling around two percent.

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  • The latest Democrat debate was atrocious. Bernie and Hillary described a terrible country, which they were culpable in creating.

    SocDems destroyed the Black family, but they hold illegal families with reverence. They ABORT 50% of Black Americans and complain about those in lock-up. And with Black teen unemployment at 50% … well what do you expect?

    SocDems are desperate. They described a nightmare country in the debate, yet want more immigrants (to use for votes) to come.

    Clinton and Sanders are so old and pessimistic, and it shows. How much coverage has the DC devoted to either candidate? Very little. It’s like they can smell the urine from Hillary Clinton’s soiled Depends, and wish Bernie had a toupee to cover his shiny forehead.

    A President sets the tone of the National Mood … and a doldrums leader like Obama, well he rarely speaks of America in a positive light. And it shows, there are many sad sad SocDems.

    I’m mean look at GFUH … a sad excuse for a man. He’s constantly angry and unless you agree with him, you are in the wrong. He’s called me so many names to build up his own importance, and is confused …. he’s been told “when you call a Republican a name they will cower and runaway. GFUH’s happiness depends on other peoples misery.

    This Republican does not cower and runaway, and Alex’s whole existence is thrown out of balance.

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