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An address to Anderson Cooper

Dear Anderson Cooper,

Hi! We’re Glissette Santana, Blake Cochran and Justin Lyles, the three student leaders of The Cougar, CoogTV and Coog Radio. We’re writing you not just because we’re big fans, but because we have a request.

The GOP debate coming to the University of Houston is a big deal. But as students in the media, we were more excited about the possibility of CNN being on campus than anything else. More specifically, we were more excited at the idea of you being on campus, Mr. Silver Fox.

With that said, the three of us are inviting you to come visit us and our organizations at the Center for Student Media in the Student Center North whenever you’re on the UH campus.

Could you please stop by CSM and spread some of your journalistic wisdom? We have students from all walks of life who would forever cherish the moment.

I know you’re busy trying to cover this debate — don’t worry, this week is going to be a doozy for us, too — but we’d really appreciate if we got the chance to speak with you and get your take on all things media.


Glissette Santana, The Cougar editor in chief

Blake Cochran, CoogTV president

Justin Lyles, Coog Radio station director


  • This embarrassing trio of giggling school girls are going to be terribly disappointing when Cooper shows up with his partner, Benjamin Maisani. Cooper came out publicly some time ago with several major news organizations. It’s been a matter of public record for more than four years. But then, what can you expect but the standard naivete from the likes of UH student media?

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