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CNN sports anchor, UH alum educates future reporters

CNN sports anchor and UH alum Andy Scholes spoke to UH communication students regarding his experience as a Coog and his transition into the journalism field. |The Cougar/Elizabet Flores

CNN sports anchor and UH alum Andy Scholes spoke to UH communication students regarding his experience as a Cougar and his transition into the journalism field. | Elizabet Flores/The Cougar

CNN sports anchor and UH alum Andy Scholes visited campus and answered student questions at a Q&A session Tuesday at the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication.  Scholes spoke about trying to work as a reporter after graduating from UH and the development of his career.

Once Scholes graduated from UH in 2006, he landed a job in San Angelo four months later. He said transitioning between different Texas cities was eventful.

“From (working in) San Angelo two years then to Lubbock, Texas. I really enjoyed it,” Scholes said. “It’s kind of like college – everyone is like 24, 25, 26. It was fun.”

Scholes reminisced on his time as a student and his transition from being a business major to wanting to pursue journalism. When asked what his schedule was like as a reporter, Scholes said it’s a round-the-clock job.

“I usually work from 3 a.m. to 11 a.m. I’m in bed by 8 o’clock,” Scholes said. “I’ll have to do a recap for CNN, I’ll be back out there at 4 a.m. for sports in the morning.”

Scholes said he knew he wanted to be in a sports environment since he first began his career.

“The only reason for me, at least…I can deliver sports with a smile,” Scholes said.

Before joining CNN, Scholes worked at NewsFix CW 33 in Fort Worth and KLST news in San Angelo, among others. Scholes said he believed his time working as an intern at Houston’s KTRK Channel 13 was beneficial to his start in the industry.

“I learned so much,” Scholes said. “That experience is just invaluable.”

Media production major Adam Bhatty said he was glad to hear Scholes speak about his decision to change his major and his transition from a confused student to a confident and successful reporter.

“He made me feel a lot better. He had some great things (to say),” Bhatty said. “Go do your internships, so when you do get out of school you know what you’re doing.”

Another media production major, Eddie Morales, agreed the session was helpful to many students like him who are pursuing reporting.

“I was able to get more information, and (he) made me feel more comfortable,” Morales said. “I liked it, I enjoyed it.”

Scholes’ final advice to students who want to be reporters was short and sweet.

“This career is a grind,” Scholes said. “A lot of it has to do with luck and timing.”

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