UPDATE: Body of missing student found

The body of missing 22-year-old Jennifer Hollis was found early Monday morning. According to a Facebook page set up by her family, Hollis took her own life after a long struggle with Lyme disease.

“The problem is that Jennifer suffered an absolutely horrible illness called Lyme disease which bore a pain that is unbearable for those who are inflicted,” Hollis’ family said in a Facebook post. “Most people didn’t realize this about Jennifer. She suffered in silence. She tried to mask her pain and suffering with her infectious smile, laughter and enduring love of life.”

After Hollis’ family raised thousands of dollars through a GoFundMe page, they hired a private investigator to help find her. After a three week search, her family was notified at 5 a.m. that her body was found.

The family asked that in lieu of flowers, Hollis’ friends and family donate to a Lyme disease awareness charity.

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  • I wish these stories would be covered by the national news. These deaths from lyme disease happen all the time, yet, hardly any coverage.

    • There are rare deaths from lyme carditis and these should be taken seriously. But most of the people exploited by the Chronic Lyme Cult do not have objective evidence of lyme disease. Some may have had a real disease like cancer or ALS which was misdiagnosed as lyme disease.

        • See Table 2 in the excellent paper “Chronic Lyme Disease: An appraisal” describes some of the many instances where people thought they had lyme disease but did not.

          Lyme exists but it is luckily curable. Lyme disease does not cause cancer and ALS

          • ok that’s 1 paper. there are others that say the opposite. Furthermore all instances of lyme are not the same

          • Tell me then, a chronic Lyme sufferer of 4 years how to get cured, I’ve had so many antibiotics it isn’t funny & no cure, I’ve tried all kinds of holistic meds & am now trying cannabis oil

      • How exactly do you know so much how were you educated about Lyme disease ? You seem so interested in it, but yet you do not have it? Why is that to simply harass people under a fake name? Harass sick people under the death of a person they knew or were friends with. Do you even have a soul or did that fall off with your little …….non existent penis?

      • Don, please do some research. Many with lyme have gotten various pathogens and many are not immune competent enough to even build antibodies. CVID is common with lyme patients. In addition, many of the pathogens can segue from an acute to chronic phase, ie Coxiella burnetti, Mycoplasmas, Chlamydias, and others. Midichloria Mitochondrii is another new pathogen being transmitted by ticks. We need next generation DNA sequencing to figure out what may be within us. Your disrespectful attitude is uncalled for and be careful how you behave because KARMA may come back to get you for being such an evil person.

  • Please make your donations to organizations known to help the cause.
    The Murakami Centre For Lyme Disease Education and Research in Canada
    LymeTap program who helps those who cannot afford testing, are two reputable causes. Jennifer did not need to die. Early diagnosis and treatment of the disease would have saved her life. Jennifer did not commit suicide, this is suicide by Lyme. The denial of the disease by the CDC and governments killed her. She is a victim of corruption.

      • How about you stop disrespecting the memory of a young woman who took her own life because of a disease you say she made up? Why are you commenting on her page at all? Her family and the people who have come here to mourn this poor girl don’t care to hear your disrespectful inconsiderate misguided musings. Why don’t you go to her funeral and tell her family and friends that they are all idiots and part of a cult and that their daughter killed herself because of a made up disease?

    • I agree! If Lyme Disease wasnt ignored and if doctors didnt act like it doesnt exist she could possibly be alive today . I hate the controversy with Lyme and someone that doesnt have it .. cant possibly understand that

        • Just because there is a larger cult denying the existence of a disease doesn’t mean the disease isn’t real. See how that can work both ways? Late stage Lyme is hard to treat but at least they are trying instead of denying.

            • Oh did she tell you that? Because that particular fact is not mentioned in the article or on her facebook page. When / where did she say that? or did you just make that up?

              • i got lyme disease from a petting zoo in california .i was visiting a county faiir when a deer jumped on me that had ticks on it that it brought with him from the state it came from. my doctor said i could not have lyme because i did not live in a area where deer ticks are found. he ignored my symptoms for three years. now it is two late f or the antibiotics to work. you can not say that a person does not h ave lyme disease just because they do not live in a region where ticks are common. anyone who says things like that is just stupid. live in my shoes for a day.

            • You are naive and in the wrong place to be claiming she didn’t suffer from Lyme. You obviously have never seen the affects of Lyme in someone close to you. It is debilitating. Research people. Research. Lyme is everywhere. Those who don’t believe it is in their own area can continue living in a dream world of uneducated hopefuls.

            • She lived in Texas, but she didn’t stay in Texas. The family has been known to travel. Idiocy at it’s finest, right here. ^^^^

            • you are just stupid. there is no good test for lyme, many test come back false negative. it takes a good doctor to dx lyme. her family did all they could. many of us who have lyme do not get care until it is too late to treat it.many do not know what to look for. if it was not for yolanda foster i would not have even known what it was. GET EDUCATED……

            • You must have an MD at the end of your name, because you sound like all the completely under-educated doctors I was seen by. And you can’t possibly know anyone suffering with Lyme disease. The only thing worse than the disease itself, is doubters and naysayers like you!

            • The tragedy is that people like you exist in this world. I hope to God you or no one in your family ever gets this horrific disease. In the meantime, SHUT UP.

  • No one should have to suffer the pain and agony from this disease! Lyme is the number one Vector Bourne Disease in the world right now and we need to wake up to what is NOT taking place to address the problem! Why isn’t there a proper test that gives accuracy for Lyme yet? Why aren’t doctors more educated about how to properly treat the disease? Why are insurance company’s denying people medical coverage to be treated? There are a lot of why questions! Men, women and children of all ages are suffering in many ways from the ignorance that is taking place. There isn’t enough media coverage out to talk about prevention and treatment options. No one wants to say anything about how many people are now dying from this. All we hear about is Zica! People who are not treated for Lyme and coinfections do not have a life to live. The torment they have to go through is horrible. This story saddens me so much! It’s a shame we live in a world where we Lyme victims are not heard! We rally, post and protest about our suffering and there’s never enough media coverage about it! The CDC and IDSA need to listen to what we are saying because what they are saying about how Lyme is treated and cured is not true! If you have Lyme or think you have Lyme please find a LLMD! There aren’t too many of them out there but they are the only ones educated enough to know how to regain your health and well being after being infected. Go to the ILADS website and read! You can also find a doctor there for your state. Those who can not go to a LLMD need to learn and know the truth about Lyme and speak up. Write to your Senator and Congress. It’s time make a difference! How many more will have to die from this disease before something is finally done!

      • Have you had Lyme disease that was not found until at least 6 months later? If not then SHUT UP! I find it unconscionable that you would create an actual identity that calls people’s suffering a cult. Do you really think all these people are just making this up??? I can guarantee they are not!!! I’ve had this for 5 years. Antibiotics makes it go away, I’ve been in remission for 2 years but prior I have had really stressful stretches of time, when the symptoms have come back. There’s actual scientific proof that Lyme changes form and forms a protective biofilm to elude antibiotics. Are there cases where some people are misdiagnosed? Sure, like any other disease. But this is real and endemic. I pray you never get this and find out the hard way.

        • Sorry you’re feeling bad but that doesn’t justify spreading information that isn’t supported by sound science. You’re talking about petri dish studies. Humans aren’t petri dishes. Humans have immune systems and petri dishes do not. Late lyme is still treatable with a short course of antibiotics.

          • Here’s the science. I got bitten by a tick, got a bullseye rash, blew it off because I didn’t know better, 6 months later I was wracked with pain and exhaustion, tested positive for Lyme and took antibiotics for a year and got better. Since there are no reliable ways to test to see if it’s completely out of the system, I had to base stopping abx on clinical symptoms. I then went through a traumatic time and the symptoms resurfaced a year later. Then I repeated the whole process two more times. The antibiotics worked each time because I had a bacterial infection, lyme. It came back because there’s no test to definitively tell if it’s been erradiacated or not. Why would a one or two month course of treatment always eradicate Lyme, but I and so many people kept having the symptoms for much longer and have it resurface after remission? Once again, HAVE YOU HAD LATE STAGE LYME???!! You have absolutely NO right to talk. DO YOU HAVE THE TEST THAT SHOWS LYME WAS ERADICATED AFTER A MONTH OR TWO OF ANTIBIOTICS ON ALL PATIENTS????

              • Once again, HAVE YOU HAD LATE STAGE LYME DISEASE?!?? If not, you don’t know! When I took the antibiotics, I was getting better, when I stopped, I got worse, it’s as simple as that. After 2 months of feeling no symptoms, I stopped taking the abx. I was better for a year and it was still dormant in me. It most likely still is. I have to keep my immune system up to keep it at bay it’s still there. You are pigheaded and instead of trying to hear what people are going through and help them find a solution, you are waging a campaign of hate against a suffering people and you yourself have not even experienced ANY of this. You need to examine your motives and seek the wisdom and love and forgiveness of God and build up instead of tearing down. I hope you do not treat those you care about with such insensitivity.

              • There is no science in any part of lyme except if you catch it early enough you can kill the bacteria in the blood before it disseminates. Once it gets into tissues, there is no cure only remission. Drs deny chronic Lyme because they don’t have the solution. Why would you antagonize people who die from this? Why would you create a profile just to attack sick people, and then pretend that you know every possibility of a poorly understood disease? People who live it understand it. Jennifer Hollis understood she was in poor health and had no where to turn. She wasn’t the only person who felt this way. take a look at the lyme memorial page. Were these hundreds of people misdiagnosed? were their families just dooped into thinking they died of lyme and asked that donations be made to lyme charities in their loved ones obituary? watch this video

              • That’s not completely true. Two of those studies showed improvement among the patients who were on abx versus those who were on placebo. But the improvements did not last after the antibiotics were stopped, perhaps because the treatment protocols were too short to create lasting improvement or perhaps because the bacteria morphed into L-Forms that were impervious to the antibiotics being used only to re-emerge after they were ceased.

              • I’ll compare your studies where are the links ?
                I can give you 700 links to chronic lyme studies hit me up on facebook lets see who you really are …hiding behind a fake name because ur a pussssssy

          • That’s like saying people in AA never really had alcohol problems. How do you know if people in lyme groups never had the disease? did you test them yourself? I think they know their own bodies better than you. Sound science says that people, monkeys and dogs can be infected in a lab, take 4 weeks of antibiotics and still have the disease. Your one size fits all approach to infectious disease doesn’t apply to the real world. Why don’t you get a life and stop attacking people on line who tragically lost theirs.

          • i am offended, for you to tell me i am a member of a cult because i am ill is unforgivable. you know nothing about my life or those who suffer from long term lyme. people like you is the reason why there is no treatment for lyme. i hope you are never effected by this disease. it does not matter to people like you who you hurt. during the aids epidemic many people where hurt and that is what is happening now. your insults are hurtful.

          • Late Lyme is treatable with a short course of antibiotics?? Is that why I’m on my 8 th antibiotic? Is that why I feel alittle better taking them & when I’m through I feel sick again in a few days?is that why Lyme makes you feel like your dying, your empty, your not yourself anymore? I feel sorry for you & if any of your family or yourself have to find out the hard way

      • Why don’t you go and get your self bitten by infected ticks, to prove your point?

      • Bullshit again, you don’t know what your talking about, you must be a MD that doesn’t believe, your scared to lose your license, dint worry I’d never go to you as a patient

      • If not for Lyme doctors who would treat us Mr. Smarty pants?? A vet maybe? Since animal have a lyme vaccine & people don’t? Lyme is curable if you catch it right away but if not in some for some reason it is not curable in chronic Lyme stage

  • Every week there are countless deaths with zero media coverage. If the government doesn’t act now there will be a catastrophe !!!!!!!!

  • My heart goes out to the family and friends of Jennifer. I live with chronic Lyme disease every day, and I am SO, SO sorry that Jennifer had to suffer…may peace find you guys…Love and comfort from a concerned Lyme disease sufferer and advocate. <3

      • And you know this because you are a certified MD with accredited, published writings in medical journals that you can direct us to as proof of your useful knowledge on this disease?

      • Well what do you call it when people are in good health, get bitten by ticks, fall ill, take antibiotics and are remain ill? It is chronic. Chronic just means permanent or ongoing. There is chronic pain, chronic fatigue, but no chronic lyme? Does it just miraculously disappear? Go tell This girl’s parents that long term lyme doesn’t exist and the families of thousands of others who died from it.

      • If chronic Lyme doesn’t exist, then WTF is this?? (noting that your buddy and fellow chronic Lyme denier Auwaerter is one of the authors)

        A Drug Combination Screen Identifies Drugs Active against Amoxicillin-induced Round Bodies of Borrelia burgdorferi Persisters from an FDA Drug Library

        Jie Feng, Wanliang Shi, Shuo Zhang, David Sullivan, Paul Auwaerter and Ying Zhang

        Frontiers in Microbiology, 7:743
        2016. Online first, May 3, 2016.

        Although currently recommended antibiotics for Lyme disease such as doxycycline or amoxicillin cure the majority of the patients, about 10-20% of patients treated for Lyme disease
        may experience lingering symptoms including fatigue, pain, or joint and muscle aches. Under stress conditions such as starvation or antibiotic exposure, Borrelia burgdorferi can develop round body forms, which are a type of persister
        bacteria that are not killed by current Lyme antibiotics.

          • It doesn’t matter if its a petri study. This is referring to what the bacteria does in response to an antibiotic. Evi sapi has recent research proving that it also encysts in the body as well.

  • Thank you for your coverage. Lyme disease kills. It’s the only disease that has over 300,000 cases annually but has no funding, no PSA on prevention and recognition. How many more will die before the CDC and IDSA changes their guidelines so doctors will appropriately treat. I have Lyme disease plus 6 co-infections from one tick bite. I was refused treatment for over a year because “Lyme Disease doesn’t exist here in Texas “. It exists and it’s killing us. Praying for Jennifer’s family and friends.

  • Please read “Medical Medium” by Anthony Williams for insight and help to heal from Lyme and other mystery illnesses… It will change your life–and just might save it, too.

    • It might not be a good idea to consult a person who purports to have magic powers- There are various prizes available to anyone who can prove they have magic powers. Nobody has ever won these prizes. That indicates to me that the magic powers probably don’t exist.

      • You must be a medium. How else would you ‘know’ that chronic lyme doesn’t exist. This is a page to show some respect, not to belittle this girl and say that the disease that led her to take her own life wasn’t real or that her suffering was fake. She heard that enough in life.

          • Sorry your selected science doesn’t mesh with reality. However if you research you will find other science that does.

            • So, what if someone does test positive for the disease and goes through treatment and then is still symptomatic? What then should they do? What, oh wise doctor who specializes in Lyme diagnosis and treatment, should they do? You who knows all things Lyme? Hmmmmmmm??????

              • Oh, and why are you trolling a web story about her death? Is it because your mommy won’t let you out of the basement?

          • I have Lyme disease. I have documented CDC accepted positive tests. I have been treated with antibiotics, I have been in remission. I have gotten ill again and tested positive for Lyme. More treatment, another remission,, then ill, then another positive test, etc etc etc since 2005. I am being closely followed by an Infectious disease doctor. I am on long term prophylactic antibiotics as treatment. If you don’t like the term “chronic Lyme” then what about “late stage unremitting Lyme disease”. For that is how I am categorized by the CDC and the Infectious disease doctor. Are you telling me they are wrong?

          • WTF?! Of course you are belittling her and those who have Lyme with your pathetic diatribes. You are in the wrong place. Move along.

            It isn’t about you, you moron.

      • Speaking of prizes, since you claim to have scientific proof that chronic Lyme doesn’t exist and is just magical thinking, there was a reward offered in 2008 for anyone who could prove that 43 days of antibiotics cures Lyme disease. Here’s the link:

        How come neither you nor any of the frauds whose dogma you defend (and have defended for decades now) ever submitted the proof and claimed the prize?

  • My deepest condolences to Jennifer’s family and friends. I am so sorry to hear this news and feel that the lyme community let her down. We must take care of those suffering with lyme and other tick borne illnesses and unite on a state by state basis. Advocates shall work in her name every single day to change the way lyme patients are being mistreated.

  • I got Lyme disease overseas and it took a year to feel better with antibiotics.

    It seems to me that this worldwide epidemic causes so much suffering, made much worse by the people denying that so many people do suffer the long term pain, immobility, and overall disability.

    I saw many people afflicted with it in Germany including one lady who could barely walk anymore due to joint issues.

    People in the real world are suffering.

    We need more scientists to be interested in research to help people suffering from Lyme, including better tests and standards of care.

  • May God bless Jennifer, her family and her friends. The “smile” she shared with others during her short life is precious and truly admirable as the disease is devastating and it is difficult to hide the pain it causes. I am so very sorry this happened.

  • So very sorry to hear this news. Our thoughts & prayers go out to her family.

    Yes, Lyme can be a very devastating disease. I personally have had it twice. Once with bulls eye rash, very easy to treat early on. The other time, more than 8 years misdiagnosed. You end up missing out on life with symptoms that go ignored. Lyme has been found in all 50 states and is epidemic. I’m in PA where Lyme is out of control but was in FL and was bitten the time I got the bulls eye rash so for those that believe Lyme doesn’t exist in other states, you’re sorely mistaken.

    If you do find a tick on yourself or pet, remove promptly & safely (only with tweezers or a tick remover – do Not use any home remedies as the tick can spit the bacteria into your system before detaching), then test yourself using Lymenator, an instant test which tells you in 10 min if the tick carries the Lyme-causing bacteria. Early detection of ‘risk’ is the key to early treatment.

    Let’s not lose any more lives to Lyme!

  • MW
    Since 1993, my oldest son, has been diagnosed with Lyme, 1997 with Babesia a protozoan disease similar to Malaria, Bartonella and Erhlichia both in 2006, due
    to the late stage when tested, he has many of the symptoms which are on the
    Neuropsychiatric Assessment as well as many medical symptoms which were poster presented by Dr. Robert C. Bransfield, MD at NIH, in the late 1990’s. Since those who doubt that these vector borne illnesses exist, look at a tool which doctors or anyone in the medical and mental health field and all public health professionals should use when questioning the reasoning of their patients complaints. If you doubt, seek out the reasoning and read the journals before you
    judge, if someone suffers, be compassionate, since I have seen many persons die
    including my own PCP, who was a student after being in the Air Force in the college I attended for my first degree, and since this person was showing signs
    never displayed while in college, I was not aware of his suffering and knew had I
    known his suffering at an early age and his horrible death, perhaps I could have helped him with direction to the right doctors, and I have seen three docs die from
    these illnesses, much too early, so if an illnesses does not appear on either side
    of your genetic makeup, question the cause. Learning from the experts makes one
    seeking more information, not hide or stick my head in the sand. I could never
    find the causes of problems and once solved, time is saved and humans and
    medical costs are saved. So all who doubt, open your mind, no one should run
    from complex issues, and when asking doctors (my own) how many neurologic
    illnesses could be solved if every baby placenta were DNA tested and used for
    Neurologic Illnesses how many of these illnesses may be helped or cured, they said “yes”, so why are researchers not doing something to save a life and help others with every birth around the world, perhaps the infants DNA tested would help, but why are some many meds being used, while growing up home known
    remedies were used to stop the croup, and other known remedies solved colds, etc. So anyone in the medical, mental health, or even public health professionals
    could use this Assessment as a tool for helping diagnose a patient, after testing
    with PCR specialty labs. When someone is determined to have “Neuro
    psychiatric illness, it means that the brain has a reason other than just “mental illnesses” and psychotropics meds will never be totally effective if the underlying cause is medical. So those doctors, nurses, etc who have never learned the illnesses, further frustrate those who are patients with the bizarre symptoms and end up in the incorrect hospitals for mental health due to medical hospitals rarely treat persons long term for their underlying medical cause, or even know the top testing specialty laboratories, or I am sure that they do not know the “rashes”
    not just the 20% who get the “bull’s eye” rash.. So how many dermatologists know
    the many types of rashes actually are due to these vector borne illnesses, or any
    acne looking rash which needs constant meds, and disappear once antibiotics start, so learning from the top doctors journaled in these illnesses and their effect
    on the entire body, means many specialists have to be given all information in a timeline and incorrect information be stated as such when all parts of the body show the disease and all proven through testing when no other reasoning is sound.
    Learning from the top doctors in this field, some of this is not in medical textbooks,
    and learning in high school to see both sides of the argument before judging is
    being a critical thinker. Centuries ago, those with the plagues could not understand the reasoning, and since there are Eastern Medicines existing for centuries and Western Medicines for a few centuries, why are some countries healthier than others, and since these illnesses are global and top doctors in these countries are also researchers and should be studied as well as those in America. Having specialists within my own family, one of my cousins finally stated
    that it was similar to the Neuro- Symptoms of sphyllis (which was her conclusion).
    So anyone who doubts the symptoms on these sheets, then you cannot understand how to break down complex illnesses which cause even more havoc
    to a whole family affected, and causes many neurologic illnesses which are not
    part of your genetic DNA unless perhaps you were borne of an infected mother,etc.
    Read, and review all of the medical symptoms on the Neuropsychiatric Assessment and then the reader will connect the human harm done by bacterial and protozoan causes to humans which were animal diseases first, so if anyone doubts that years ago, many persons died without medicines strong enough to help restore human life, there are illnesses today still
    in Research with no cause, or not enough funding. So if one doubts, sit in and
    go to International Medical Conferences and learn, please do not doubt, because
    if you doubt then become open minded and perhaps you would be one person
    who understands and help perhaps a distant cousin, a friend, of a former classmate. If each person pays forward each day, just a call or visit, the world will
    be a better place. If you still doubt, learn and ask a person with the illness to read
    the Assessment and perhaps they can explain to their doctors who do not know, that complex illnesses can be broken down and hopefully someday cured.. So if anyone is asking how can you determine what illness you have, when doctors are not taught these illnesses globally in medical school (quoted by a current journaled
    specialist) or not treated globally in hospitals, does not mean these illnesses which are environmental and zoonotic in nature, how can anyone state that they do not exist. So if PCR urine, PCR cerebral spinal fluid, and the first brain SPECT tests puzzled 200 doctors at a top University Medical School and Hospital in the mid-90’s and the top radiologist at the hospital accepted Lyme as the correct diagnosis, then the true diagnosis which had already been diagnosed by some of the top journaled specialists on the East Coast; however, the Radiologist stated get my son treated but no one at the major Medical School and Hospital treated and
    none of the 200 physicians who guessed at a cause of the brain Spect put before
    them could only guess at AIDS, Lupus, MS or another auto immune diseases, then why would the Radiologist appear relieved that the specialists reviewing the brain guessing when he rewrote the proper diagnosis as Lyme Disease, how many
    of the 200 professionals learned the real diagnosis
    Radiologist rewrote the diagnosis on the Spect of the brain as Lyme Disease.
    So if no one is taught through textbooks or looking at the spirochete under high
    magnification in the blood or other bodily part, my son’s blood smear under Research revealed spirochetes from Lyme and also Babesia named on the pictures
    from a great Researcher and at a major Medical University in St. Louis, MO could
    not believe that they were being shown for the first time a bacterial blood smear
    which showed the bacterial and protozoan in such clear magnification, at least
    20 doctors were standing and examining a test done in the late twentieth century
    but stared and studied this blood test in the twenty first century, so when a doctor
    never looked into a microscope through medical school, how would they be able
    to diagnose while doing their medical school rounds in multiple specialities or
    had these same college students prior to graduating had never seen a spirochete
    with one head in studying sphyllis, then why not a spirochete with two heads, so
    before one doubts that something exists, do your own double study and read all
    journaled specialists from a world-wide base, and please do not make a determination of what an illness is, when doctors may have a MD, DO, or any
    other degree or speciality, but when top doctors asked if they could inject me
    with Botox in the 1980’s, I learned from top doctor that botox would be the future
    pain medicine and those who know of the uses of Botox in the twenty first century when I was expected to be a experiment with Botox in the early 1980’s,
    so who would have known that a poison in small amounts would be top medicine
    for pain, cosmetic surgery, and many other medical wonders. If doctors do not
    use researcher material or studying outside their specialty when looking for a reason, all should go for the CPE’S from International Medical Conferences and see how these illnesses can harm all parts of the human body and cause Castrophic results, if not diagnosed in time, tested properly in multiple ways and
    help human suffering instead of being another professional unaware of connecting
    the symptoms to the real cause, and communicating to the authors of the research, is what a critical thinker does, not just guess because “the oath to do no harm”
    will do harm, and more patients will suffer. It is better to state, “I do not know,
    but perhaps you can call “a journaled specialist” is a better and more professional
    answer, than guessing or declaring the patient is crazy. So illnesses surpassing AIDS worldwide, when CDC stats are just 10% of the total cases per year, why are
    some illnesses “not politically correct” and others there are so many specialists in
    the field, more specialists are needed in illnesses which actually cause more harm
    to all of the human body if left untreated. Thank you for reading this, and I hope
    that causes for all illnesses will be accomplished in this 21st century…and insight
    is needed for all sciences and all areas of specialties with great results for all humanity. Help make all persons first again….Read and learn and anyone with Lyme or its co-infections will have a better understanding of the effects of these environmental
    diseases. Remember Neuro-Psychiatric is a medical illness and its causes must
    be treated as well as its complex symptoms.

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