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Student sexually assaulted near parking lot 4A

A student was sexually assaulted on the 4400 block of Wheeler Ave. near parking lot 4A at approximately 1:24 p.m. Monday, according to a security alert sent out to the UH community.

The suspect, a black male roughly 25 years old, approached the student and they made small talk before he touched her arm. The suspect then reached inside of her tank top and touched her breast.

The student was not physically harmed further.

The alert stated that police are looking for the suspect, who was wearing a black and white plaid shirt with dark-colored jeans and had “overgrown hair.”

UHPD had no further information when The Cougar reached out for more details. They are actively investigating the case.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story ran stating that “the victim was not harmed.” This has been changed to reflect the mental and emotional harm that may have been inflicted  to the student.

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